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fleece wraps at night?

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erin99 Fri 10-Jul-09 13:38:54

I've heard wee evaporates through a fleece wrap but does this really work, or does the vest/babygrow/grobag end up wet?

DS (6 months) feeds a lot in the night and sleeps on his front. I'm struggling to find a system that doesn't leak. Or perhaps I should give in and start changing him at night again.

Scorps Fri 10-Jul-09 13:42:10

We use fleece for night and its never damp or wet on her grobag.

KirstyJC Fri 10-Jul-09 15:34:57

Not used fleece, but we use wool and it has never leaked once. Grobag always nice and dry - I think fleece works the same as wool so would think it's fine!

erin99 Fri 10-Jul-09 20:48:19

thank you both!

sunfl0wer Wed 15-Jul-09 18:04:51

The fleece just 'repels' the moisture rather than damming it in like the pul would. If there is exerted pressure in one spot (ie sat in car seat or in bed) then they can leak through and make the grobag wet. But this should only happen if your lo is a heavy wetter

twoclimbingboys Thu 16-Jul-09 08:35:17

I have use fleece wraps. No leaks (touch wood!) - I have used them successfuly over well boosted fluffles, Upsy Daisy Night Nappies, Wee Notions Night Notions, Wee Notions Northern Lights, Holden's Landing Bedbugs.

I use stacinator, upsy daisy, wee notions and tots bots fleece wraps. They benefit from occasional fabric conditioning during washing.

morocco Thu 16-Jul-09 20:06:20

I hae a redwrap medium ffp if you want to try fleece? I never liked it myself (hardly the hard sell lol)

lisad123 Thu 16-Jul-09 20:08:58

I use slinky minky's at night, well padded and extra safe with tots bots wrap. DD2 wets loads at night.

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