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Does weaning mean pooing less often and green poo?

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envy27 Thu 09-Jul-09 21:22:50

Not the nicest topic but needed some advice... My dd (just 7 months) is starting to eat her solids finally... the purees seem to be working. She is mainly having formage frais and fruit and veg purees. She has also recently switched to aptamil 3 milk. She used to poo 3-4 times a day but has now started going once or twice a day at most, there has even been the odd day where she hasn't gone at all - not like her at all. Also poo is very green. Should i be concerned or all normal?

ches Fri 10-Jul-09 03:27:41

Has she eaten green puree? If not, it's the formula. Yes, it is normal for them to poo less often when they start weaning. A lot of babies get constipated briefly as their gut adjusts. You can dilute the formula a bit if you see her straining to get more water in her. (Leave well alone if the poo is not hard and she's not struggling. It's fine not to poo every day.)

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