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Pop in nappies

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caen Wed 08-Jul-09 21:17:13

I'd like to try some pop-in nappies to boost my collection (LL's). My daughter is already 12lb so I don't want to invest in first size. Can anyone recommend a birth to potty pop-in nappy that I can buy? Thanks.

purplesal Wed 08-Jul-09 21:37:30

Well, do you mean the Modern Baby pop-in nappy? Comes in bamboo or microfibre. They are the only nappies actually called pop-ins.

But other BTO nappies that popper down to adjust their size are Tots Bots Easyfits, Bumgenius V3, Lollipop Pop'n'Gro. These are all All-in-Ones as well.

caen Wed 08-Jul-09 21:42:52

Sorry! I think I meant pocket!

Octothechildherder Wed 08-Jul-09 22:10:04

ooh pockets - try fuzzi bunz, tots pockets, bumgenius, minky, lollipop rainbow ... there are lots - my favourite are fuzzis - but if you want btp - would suggest totsbots or pop ins.

ches Thu 09-Jul-09 03:05:14

Mothercare Smart Nappy. The US equivalent was fine until DS got too tall, but with a girl that's not really a problem. (He would leak over the top.)

Octothechildherder Thu 09-Jul-09 17:38:18

I have heard very mixed reviews of the smart nappy - can be a bit hit and miss as to whether people have been getting on with them - same happens all the time but moreso with this one ime!

ches Fri 10-Jul-09 03:29:28

Right, but can you get a trial pack with just one or two outers and use a terry for the stuffing? They were miss for me too, but at least I only bought two and then passed them on.

duvetheaven Sat 11-Jul-09 19:54:53

Upsy Daisy pocket is a good fit for my DD 10 mths.

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