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Nappy Rash

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lilmoo Wed 08-Jul-09 13:21:49

MY poor Wolfie woke up in the night the worst nappy rash ever....I don't know what or how it started. he went to bed happy and woke at 11pm screaming. He is 81/2 months with 8 teeth. I have tried no nappy, sudocrem and am now trying vaseline, But if any one has any other advise I am all ears.

KirstyJC Wed 08-Jul-09 13:26:36

Oh, poor little thing sad.

Mine had bad nappy rash recently and when I showed it to the hv she said it was thrush and he was prescribed canestan, which took a couple of weeks but has now just about sorted it. Is it possible that's what he has? My DS doesn't mind a bit of nappy rash but was definitely bothered with thrush, so must have been sore.

Make sure you keep him REALLY clean - I dipped DS's bottom in the sink every nappy change for a few days when he had nappy rash before, as I wasn't convinced the fleece wipes were getting all traces of poo off. Maybe worth trying that?

Hope he gets better soon.

appletiser Wed 08-Jul-09 21:51:13

hi - this probably will be very useless info but.... my lil one had nappy rash end of last wk.. i d=found sudocream did nothing - but i had this other cream specifically for nappy rash which worked really well.... unfortunatley i cant remember what its called - it comes in a yellow tube though and its a yellow coloured ointment and the first letter of the name of the ointment is shaped like a heart on the packaging.. i wish i cud remember what it was called but if u find it in the chemists - its gr8 stuff!

duvetheaven Sun 12-Jul-09 08:21:41


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