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Why has my toddler suddenly started doing poos in his nappy overnight?

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smultronstallet Tue 07-Jul-09 21:25:14

DS has taken to doing a poo in his nappy after he is put down for the night. He has only done this before on the very odd occasion. But the last week I have found that everytime I went in to check on him before going to bed myself, he needed a change.

I've started checking earlier and earlier because he has developed a really terrible nappy rash due to being longer in a dirty nappy than he should be. I have explained to him that he needs to tell me ASAP if he does a poo because of his sore bum etc (I did it in as laid back a manner as possible, while being firm) but he just won't tell me.

Today he did two poos during his nap, and one before falling asleep. The day before yesterday he did a poo in his nappy while put down for his nap and he had put his hand in and it was all over the sheet and cot rails (boak).

Developmentally he is fine - I don't think he is ready for potty training though I am trying to get him to an awareness of needing to go and he has a potty and knows what it is. I think partly he is one of those children that just isn't bothered by a dirty or wet nappy. Also when asked if he has done a poo or needs to nappy change, he will always say no, even if he has very obviously need.

I don't want to make a big deal out of it, but I am beginning to go crazy since it seems now he only does a poo in his blimmin cot just before he falls asleep and at no other time. I catch myself wondering why this would be so?

ches Wed 08-Jul-09 03:21:57

Is he trying NOT to poo because of the stress?

smultronstallet Wed 08-Jul-09 14:17:48

I think that is what I was wondering, if he was somehow getting worked up about it despite my best intentions...I have tried to be as relaxed as possible about it.

DH thinks he might be getting control of his bowels and "saving it until he feels relaxed".

Reading my post from last I do realise that I myself have been getting quite upset about it, especially the smearing incident...

Gah...last thing I wanna do is give the child a complex.

Perhaps I should get a book on toilet training. Any recs?

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