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Nappy Rash - advice needed please!

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helpivegottogivebirth Tue 07-Jul-09 19:36:01

My month old baby has the beginnings of nappy rash - i'm using sudocream but it is not working.

THe health visitor says the bottom should be aired and kept dry - virtually impossible with all the poo that needs cleaning off and the spontaneous weeing

Has anyone got any other advice?

I've also used Metanium, but that is only a barrier - i need something to cure the soreness.

minxpinx Tue 07-Jul-09 20:13:56

Nappy off as much as possible is my only advice. I used to put DD down on a prefold washable nappy and that did the catching of poo etc.
Hope that it clears up soon.

Hullabaloo2 Tue 07-Jul-09 20:19:04

Fresh air...she's right. Works wonders. Don't waste money on creams.

Something to catch any wee/poo and leave baby for 10 mins a day worked for mine. Wait till the sore bits look shiny and the skin tightened... I also with dd2 blow on her bottom after a change to dry it as much as possible...and she only gets a rash when she's teething now...

melmog Tue 07-Jul-09 20:48:12

Agree with Minxpinx and Hullabaloo but if it doesn't start getting better, go to the docs.
My dd1 had the most horrendous nappy rash when she was a few weeks old. The skin was red raw and never seemed to dry out. She screamed when she weed. The hv kept telling me just to air it (while also telling me it was the worst nappy rash she'd ever seen, that made me feel better!) but she had developed an infection. The antibiotic cream from the doctors sorted it out really quickly.

helpivegottogivebirth Tue 07-Jul-09 21:01:21

HV's can be so tactful, can't they!

Will try the airing thing tomorrow

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