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Why is the poo not washing out?

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caen Mon 06-Jul-09 21:24:42

We've got LL bamboo nappies and my daughter is still BF. The poo is just not coming out on the wash around the legs. The elastic is very tight there which means they hardly leak but it also means that there are lots of folds the poo gets stuck in. We've tried dry pailing amd soaking. Pre rinse, eco washing powder, fairy non-Bio, 30, 40 and 60 degrees. Don't really want to resort to pre-wash because we only have it at 60 and not so eco-friendly. Where are we going wrong? Most of it comes out but always some stuck in the wicking.

Oh, and the LL microfibre leak without fail. Is this usual or a I doing something wrong?

KirstyJC Tue 07-Jul-09 10:43:13

I have one of the microribre (got it as a sample) and I found it leaked really quickly too - I just use it now when I am expecting him to poo soon and don't need the absorbancy! I asked LL about this and she said that the reason it dries quickly is because it holds the liquid between the fibres, rather than in them like bamboo and cotton - BUT this means that if the nappy gets too wet then it works a bit like a sponge - and when you squeeze it (ie baby lies on it for a while) the liquid comes out. It works OK for me for a couple of hours but I wouldn't bother getting any more - the cotton are more absorbant but still dry in a day so I got those.

I mainly use the cotton ones (and Bum Genuis) but I have a bamboo one too - and the poo does take a long time to get out if it gets in the folds by the legs. I think I had one particularly spectacular stain that was there for a few weeks - it became like an old friend!grinhmm

I just took the opinion that it might be stained, but it was CLEAN stains so it didn't matter - it doesn't affect the absorbancy, and baby doesn't mind! Once the poos get solid, which they have just done at coming up 8 months, then they are much easier to catch (I use paper liners but the fleece ones also work well) and the poo doesn't soak through to the legs much. Once that happens, after a few washes with no new stains the big one on the legs eventually went and now it looks all nice and clean again.

So, unless you want to scrub them by hand shock I personally wouldn't worry about it - just ignore it and eventually it will go away!

caen Tue 07-Jul-09 21:01:37

Thanks Kirsty. I think the microfibre just don't work! The poo in the folds actually has some little bits so not just stains. I keep having to rewash them because I think the actual poo still being there (or a few specks of it) can't be hygienic. Or maybe Fairy has made it hygienic poo (hmm)

claireybee Tue 07-Jul-09 21:11:08

I've had this when I've stuffed too many nappies into the machine.

Or when it is things like pulses that come through undigested and where the skin bit seems to get stuck to the nappy.

Lying the nappies flat in the drum (so opened out rather than fastened) does seem to help get them cleaner but it's more of a faff and I can't be bothered!

LackaDAISYcal Thu 09-Jul-09 10:10:10

My machine has separate rinse cycles, so I do a cold rinse first, then programme the machine for a standard 40 degree wash. It seems to get most of it out. I only ever do two days at a time as well (about 12 nappies) plus liners and wraps; if I do a three day wash then they don't come out nearly as clean.

I also use fleece liners which seem to catch most of the poo so it doesn't get stuck in the creases rounds the leg elastics.

tbh though, with BF poo I wouldn't worry about it too much, and would just stretch the nappy out and peg the leg elastic out straight on the line so the sun is getting to the creases and any stains will bleach out. It means you have to turn them round to get the sun to the other leg, so they are on the line longer, but it does the job.

hth smile

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