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Bumgenius Ammonia Smell - what to do?

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BabyValentine Mon 06-Jul-09 09:29:59

Hi ladies,

I'm hoping some experts have some answers for me.

I currently use Bumgenius for my DD (21mo)but they have recently started smelling of ammonia.

The stenchiness is apparent as soon as DD has wee'd i.e. I haven't noticed the clean nappies smelling IYSWIM.

I dry pail, then do a rinse cycle and then wash at 40 (sometimes 60) with Ecoballs. Should I rinse with vinegar - or is it just hormonal or teething or something.

DD doesn't drink alot, but her wee isn't especially dark and this just seems to have been a problem in the last week or so.

I'm also concerned that my Mum has inadvertantly ruined the nappies by washing them with softener. What do you think? I don't want DD to smell of wee smile.


swampster Mon 06-Jul-09 10:34:26

It is probably detergent build-up. Vinegar will probably bugger them up - it is quite harsh, especially on elastic. Try washing (from clean) at 60 with no detergent and drying them in the glorious sunshine (if it comes back). If, when you wash them, you still see suds on the rinse cycle, put them through again.

melmog Mon 06-Jul-09 10:46:13

Let me know how you get on BabyValentine.
I've resorted to using disposables again because of this problem. I know I put them in a wash with fabric conditoiner a while back by mistake so watching this with interest. Not sunny here so won't bother unless you say it's worked!

BabyValentine Mon 06-Jul-09 13:25:57

Thanks swampster, but I wash with Ecoballs (for approx. last 3 months) so I can't see that there'd be any soapsuds left... I might give them an extra few rinses though just in case.

Back to the drawing board!

BabyValentine Mon 06-Jul-09 13:34:47

Just found this thread so I might give them a quick rinse with some white vinegar to see if that helps - surely once in a while won't hurt them too much?

Raining here too, melmog, so sunshine isn't an option. I'm praying that our washing machine isn't on the blink - it is getting on a bit!

BabyValentine Mon 06-Jul-09 13:35:49

In fact, I think I'll just wash all the liners with a white vinegar rinse to save the elastic - will report back...

swampster Mon 06-Jul-09 13:57:20

I think microfibre is a bit prone to ammonia smells, we had that problem when DS2 was about two. I'm afraid I gave up on fluffles at that point. DS3 is only five months and so far our BGs are fine. Might be an age thing too?

4andnotout Mon 06-Jul-09 13:57:40

Perhaps they need a deep clean?

60* with full powder, then rinse until the bubbles have gone.

Worked for us

BabyValentine Tue 07-Jul-09 12:34:11

I've done a rinse of the liners with white vinegar and now they smell a bit foisty hmm.

DD is Bumgeniused-up and down for a nap - when she wakes I'll have a good sniff and report back. And if she is still whiffy, then 4andnotout's idea sounds like a jolly good one.

HeinzSight Tue 07-Jul-09 12:39:53

I too have been having problems with my bumgenius. I've tried loads of things.

Done the stripping with vinegar, done stripping by doing a 60 degree wash with full amount of detergent then rinsing about 10 times!!!!!

I'm next going to try bicarb of soda.

It's such a shame.

The only thing I was goign to try next if all else fails is to try a one off nappy laundering service. If they allow you to do it once that is!

melmog Tue 07-Jul-09 13:42:54

Just tried my bumgenius for a two hour trip to playgroup on 16 month old. Had to change her after one wee as she was soaked through. I think I've definately broken mine somehow.

I feel so guilty using disposables, especially when our wheely bin was half full of them the other week, but I spent £80 on these washable and they're rubbish.

Can't afford to replace them either.

HeinzSight Tue 07-Jul-09 22:07:00

No don't give up!!!

Have you tried stripping them?

melmog Wed 08-Jul-09 07:29:36

I'm going to try it today. Hadn't heard of stripping, I'm a novice!
Will report back...

4andnotout Wed 08-Jul-09 08:04:14

Melmog-have you thought about adding a hemp or bamboo booster in the pocket to increase absorbancy?

melmog Wed 08-Jul-09 08:35:47

Thanks 4andnotout. It didn't seem to be the lack of absorbancy as such, more the outer layer not being waterproof anymore. And the ammonia smell to boot!

Oh, dd is a bum shuffler too so she's really working the nappy!

Will try and sort them today.

How did you get on with the nap, Babyvalentine?

BabyValentine Wed 08-Jul-09 10:20:15

I haven't noticed the ammonia smell with the last few nappies, so the vinegar may have done the trick.

But we do have a new problem (I sympathise Melmog!) - DD has leaked the last 3 nights and woke up soaked through after her nap yesterday.

We have always added the extra booster (microfibre?) during the night. I am loathe to switch back to disposables for night-time, so I think I might try another booster.

I have a bamboo booster from an ittybittydelish which I tried, but bought the BumG due to the immense drying time required for the bamboo (I don't have a drier and airdry mainly). 4andnotout - do you have any booster recommendations - does hemp dry quicker than bamboo?

The thing is, that DD seemed to have leaked via a leg, rather than through the outer - so perhaps I need to adjust the fit a little.

Melmog - how do you think you have broken your nappies? Do you have an over-enthusiastic softener-wielding mother, too? grin

4andnotout Wed 08-Jul-09 10:28:50

Hemp does dry marginally quicker than bamboo, when using pockets i always put microfibre with hemp as the mf absorbs quickly but can wick back so the hemp holds the wee.

melmog Wed 08-Jul-09 11:18:24

They just don;t seem to be as waterproof as they were with dd1. I did do a wash with conditioner by accident too. They've been washed since though. Trying the vinegar trick once we've been to shops to buy some!

ziggyf Wed 08-Jul-09 13:31:55

I found that sticking the nappies on the line for a couple of days - rain or shine - helped with the pong. I also use a bio washing powder every so often and this seems to get rid of any niffs.

Not sure what to suggest re: waterproofness (is that a word?!). Guess you could stick a wrap over the top at night?

Z x

Andthentherewerethree Wed 08-Jul-09 13:35:01

wash the nappies with detergent, use a bio detergent or traditional soap flakes. then rinse them until the bubbles go and they should be fine.
microfibre nappies do tend to need stripping and a wash with 'proper' soap once in a while to prevent build up of smells.
i used cloth for my 2 youngest and am planning on using form birth with this one too.

swampster Thu 09-Jul-09 10:58:15

I wouldn't expect a BumGenius to last the night once a baby is past about 10 or 12 weeks, to be honest. Sounds like you need to invest in some new fluff. Baby Beehinds bamboo plus fleece Stacinator or Sugar Peas woolly is still my favourite night time combo.

mrsbigpants Mon 10-Aug-09 12:47:42

I've been using BG for dd for about 15 months now, and have had the same sort of probs. I gave up using them at night a while ago as I was fed up with the leaks, but I was told that simply using a waterproof wrap could solve the leaking problem, especially if it's a fit thing?

Re the stripping, this does seem to work (mine are awful at the moment and def need doing again!) but DON'T wash the outers with bio powder or vinegar as this will strip the waterproofing off!

I was recommended by another MNer to soak clean liners with white vinegar over night and then do a really hot wash with bio powder, followed by a wash with no powder to remove any residue. Seems to work, but definitely isn't lasting as long as it used to.

BG do an "odor remover"... you spray it on the nappy as you take it off and put it in the bucket. Not sure if it works, but at £5+ per bottle, I reckon vinegar is cheaper!

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