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Advice on wraps please, I think what I'm using is hurting DS

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Alibabaandthe40nappies Mon 06-Jul-09 00:04:49

We use Bambinex bamboo. I love the nappies, they fit DS really well and are easy to wash and dry.
We have been using Bambinex wraps, but the velcro on them seems to curl over and DS is getting horrid sore bits on his tummy - I've actually put him in a Pampers to go to bed tonight because his poor little tum looked so sore.

Does anyone else use these? Can I use a different brand of wraps, and are there any that don't have those big hard velcro tabs on the front?

We are thinking of replacing the wraps but before I just buy new of the same I would love to get some advice, thank you

4andnotout Mon 06-Jul-09 00:06:45

What size is your ds, i have a couple of small motherease airflows which popper at the sides rather than stiff applix, i found these softer on my dd's bellies.

Alibabaandthe40nappies Mon 06-Jul-09 00:45:44

He is about 20lbs I think, haven't had him weighed for ages!

I have just read a thread about wool wraps and those shorties - do they stop leaks as well as being comfy? As DS is sleeping longer at night now (9 hours without waking most nights) we are often finding he has leaked around the leg holes by morning and so he, his vest/sleepsuit and sheet are all wet and smell of pee so need a shower and to go in the washing machine respectively!

Would wool solve my problems?

KirstyJC Mon 06-Jul-09 10:55:40

I have been using Disana wool shorties with my 7mo with bamboo / cotton nappies during the night, and I can assure you they do work!

I wasn't sure whether to believe it at first but they are really good - they keep him cooler as well. The ones I have are labelled as age 12 months but they are fine on his chubby 7month old legs and tum (he is 19.5 lbs)! Even though they are loose around the legs and tummy, ie there is a gap and you can see the nappy - they don't leak! Ever?! Don't know how that works but glad it does - it means there are no red marks or anything on him in the morning. THey are on for upwards of 13 hours blush and so far no leaks. They have also only been lanolised once and washed twice in about 5 weeks of use - they just air during the day and then are ready for the night again!

Not sure about daytime use 'cos I only have one pair, and use BumGenius mainly during the day. I think wool (and fleece) are not so good if you have tight clothes on as they can lead to wicking although this isn't a problem at night 'cos we just stick him in a grobag with the nappy/wrap and nothing else.

I say go for it - don't forget the lanolin wink. Tesco's do plain white veg soap for 4 bars for less than £1 which washes them well, so you don't need to bother with wool washing liquid unless you want to.

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