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if you 'lifted' during attempts at night time dryness, when did you do it? i.e. what time?

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dandycandyjellybean Sun 05-Jul-09 21:30:23

I was happy to leave ds in pull ups till he was dry at night, but he has really put up a big fuss that he's a 'big boy' and doesn't need 'nappies' at night anymore. So for the last few nights we have tried with a double layer of bedclothes with a waterproof sheet between. However, I don't seem to be able to get the time right. The first night i did it way too early, the next night left it till 11 and was too late, and last night i fell asleep on the sofa and totally forgot.

He hasn't woken up in the night complaining of being wet, just that he had some 'water' on his pj's in the morning.

So, given that he has a wee before bath and another before lights out, which is about 7.45 to 8, when do you think we should lift?

ches Mon 06-Jul-09 02:46:43

10pm seems to be the magic time for DS, but he doesn't go off until 8:30 or 9pm and feeds to sleep lately. (He was not wetting until he started that back up, but it's hard to resist averting the struggling and yelling with a civilised catch up on the laptop while DS slips into a boobcoma. )

DeathbyDora Mon 06-Jul-09 03:48:29

I used to leave it as late as possible to give DD as short a 'window' as possible before her morning wee! Usually around 10-11pm as we were going to bed.

dandycandyjellybean Mon 06-Jul-09 10:27:51

thanks folks, did a 11pm lift and he was dry this morning for the first time grin

errrrmmmm, when do you know to stop lifting?

dinosaur Mon 06-Jul-09 10:29:44

I did it for a while with DS1 when he was aged 3-4, but it was such a palaver that after a while we stopped and just put him in Dry Nites. He became dry all by himself quite suddenly when he was about 7.5.

laurz75 Thu 09-Jul-09 07:29:37

I've been lifting at 10.30 and my ds (4 on Monday) has been dry for three nights in a row! A question though - he doesn't need a wee as soon as he gets up and my dh says he must be dehydrated. What do you think? (He drinks loads during the day but have cut out his evening milk).

Astrophe Thu 09-Jul-09 07:53:00

We lift between 10 and 11...have been for months with varying degress of sucess, but DS has done almost 2 weeks straight now, so I think he has finally cracked it (although I've said that before!).

I don't know when/how you know when to stop - DS only 3, so I imagine we will lift him for a while yet.

As for dehydtarion - DS doesn't always go straight away in the moring either - maybe half of all morings he races straight to the loo, and the other half he goes some time in the hour after getting up. We have cut out drinks with dinner, but he has ready access to his water bottle all day, juice with breakfast, and milk some time during the afternoon, so I don't think he could be dehydtarted (at least I hope not).

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