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10 months, nappy change at night?

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notcitrus Sun 05-Jul-09 19:53:25

My pfb was doing well at not needing nappy change in the night, from about 4mo until 9mo.
But the last 2 weeks he's been waking at 3am totally soggy (and not wanting to bf, which is brand new for him), and sometimes will make another nappy soaking within 30 min of a change!

Is this normal? People go on about babies feeding in the night but no-one seems to mention nappies after the first few months. And what nappies might help?

He's been using Bumbles with a booster at night, which are normally great. I've tried a couple disposables which I'm not sure were any better and give him rash. Bumgenius leak at the legs - he's a chubby-bottomed baby! Tonight's experiment is a Kushie with 2 booster pads in it...


thisisyesterday Sun 05-Jul-09 19:57:50

hmm are the nappies actually soaked through, or just leaking?
i mean, could it be a nappy problem in that they're not absorbant enough, or that the wee is flowing off instead of being absorbed quick enough?
30 mins is a very, very short period of time to completely soak a nappy

notcitrus Sun 05-Jul-09 20:03:23

First change definitely soaked.

2nd time might be a flow-not-absorbing problem - it's dripping at the front but back is dryish. Suspect I'm not at my best at nappy-nipping at 4am either...

thisisyesterday Sun 05-Jul-09 20:09:07

what i was wondering was if the nappies need "stripping"?
they can sometimes become less absorbant after a while because of a build up of detergent in them
so giving them a nice hot wash with no washing powder, maybe just some white vinegar in the rinse might help?

our fave nighttime nappies at the moment are (in order of preference):

minki (standard)
baby beehinds
wee notions

ches Mon 06-Jul-09 02:52:43

Around 9 months releasing their bladder stops being unconscious and they start waking up in the night, releasing their bladder and then either yelling for a nappy change or going back to sleep. I always changed DS's nappy at night, usually 4 changes because he reverse cycled and refused bottles (and food) during the day and got all his milk at night. It seemed disgusting to leave him in a wet nappy when we were both up anyway for him to feed. I changed him, fed him and we both went straight back to sleep.

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