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Would you bother buying new nappies for 23 month old?

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tummytickler Sun 05-Jul-09 15:13:37

Title says it all really.
Ds needs new nappies, his shape has changed and a lot of our old favs just dont do the trick anymore, and the MEOS that have been great since we started last 2 ticks.
I have ordered lots of new nappies, but dh said we should just move onto pull ups rather than buy a new fluffy stash.
What would you do?
Also what nappies do you put your big toddler in?
I have bought swaddlebees fitted, and pockets.
Also large FB's as mediums served us well.

Do 2 parters or pockets work better for you and your toddler?
I hope he is not potty trained too soon or dh will be mad grin, but it is perfect weather for it!

purplesal Sun 05-Jul-09 18:34:22

I would buy new nappies as i didn't want to use disposables at . He might end up being a late potty trainer so you'll get quite alot of use out of them. He may well still need night nappies for 18 months or more. Plus you can always ell them on and recoup some o your cost.

So, lots of good reasons to buy more!!

crokky Sun 05-Jul-09 18:45:59

If you want to use washables, then buy some more. Are you thinking of having any more DCs - presumably if so they could use them. If not, you can sell them or give them away.

lljkk Sun 05-Jul-09 18:47:53

He could be 3yo before he toilet trains. I would buy 2nd hand myself, tho,

BaronConker Sun 05-Jul-09 20:23:26

Just think how many packets of sposies you'd need- and pullups cost more than normal ones. You could buy a good pile of cloth for the same cost as 6 months worth of disposables, and get some of the money back!
I found pockets easier on a big toddler, as they're quicker to put on so they can scarper.

erin99 Sun 05-Jul-09 21:08:31

We gave up on cloth at 20 months for various reasons. Towards the end, 2 parters with ME airflow wraps worked best for us but then I've always had leaks with pockets. Bumbles were our favourites but if I were buying now, I'd use bamboo.

Minki Huggles are v absorbent. There's a toddler version of the bumble which might be worth a look. I think it's called a bumper. Fairly cheap, has a pocket for extra stuffing, and is nippa fastening so very adjustable for good fit. Much harder to get onto a toddler than a pocket though!

For getting a wrap onto a toddler, do up 3 of the poppers and get them to step in like pants.

twoclimbingboys Sun 05-Jul-09 21:10:56

I would buy secondhand day nappies. However, I treated my 32 month old son quite recently to 3 new Upsy Daisy Night Nappies and 1 new Wee Notions Night Notions with fleece wraps as he could be in night nappies for a good while yet and they sell on really well. Plus DS2 will use them after Toby.

Toby PT'd in the day at 26 months.

4andnotout Sun 05-Jul-09 23:00:34

I buy loads of new nappies for my dd3(21mo) as my other dd's didn't potty train until they were 2.6 and 2.9 so will have a few more months in them yet, and i have dd4 (8mo) who can have them afterwards

CarGirl Sun 05-Jul-09 23:10:03

I found easy peasy bumbles really fab for older toddlers who were heavy wetters as you can pad them out as much as you need, plus they are great on new borns without the inserts.

They are inexpensive new too, especially their eco bumble £3 each. You could probably use your motherease boosters with them if need be!

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