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toddler removing nappies at night

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manicmadmum Fri 03-Jul-09 21:58:54

Hi, does anyone out there have any good solutions for preventing my 27mth old taking her nappy off at night? We are potty training thru the day and I must say its a 50/50 at the mo. We have been doing it for 3wks now and she is as happy to use the potty as she is to lift her leg and pee on whatever she finds then carry on whatever she was doing :-o The real problem is at night, whenever i check on her she always has her nappy off and often the bed is already wet, even with poppered vests and/or gro bags Should i consider putting her in a proper bed and leaving a potty out? hmm

mummymash Fri 03-Jul-09 23:04:21

would putting pretty pants over the top stop her taking it off? Have she tried pull ups? .....If not a loop of sellotape around nappy???:-/

manicmadmum Fri 03-Jul-09 23:24:17

Yes got pull ups and ordinary disposables and nothing is immune to her! Poppered vests and gro bags too and she climbs out of her cot too to reach toys that haven't made it into the cot. grin Tape was my next option. Tonight after going in for the 3rd time to find her nappyless, I have put a gro bag on her (duvet wet) and put a safety pin on the inside over the zip. Not ideal but only option I think as no more bedding left for this evening otherwise. Dont know if any washables may do the trick? Any ideas?

twoclimbingboys Sat 04-Jul-09 12:41:43

If she can undo poppers none that I have will do the trick.

I have seen a similar post to this on cloth nappy tree (which included regular poop smearing too) and the mum was recommended to get Upsy Daisy Aplix nappies as apparently the aplix is like glue that some of the mums can struggle with. They make side aplix pockets now - so that would be two lots of aplix for her to attempt? They are all custom made so you could email Amber and Fiona at Upsy Daisy and ask them to use a lot of super strong aplix possibly?!

Or a sleepsuit on backwards?

manicmadmum Sat 04-Jul-09 21:47:13

Thanks for that, I may try that option. The safety pin over the zip worked last night, she sat up in bed at 7am this morning screaming that she was stuck grin. I also put the nappy on backwards for her afternoon nap and that also has confused her but I suspect that will be overcome by the end of the week. But as long as I can delay things for a while longer...

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