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Potty training help needed...

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toffeecrisp Thu 02-Jul-09 18:32:11

I have a 3yr old daughter and for best part of the last year I have been trying to potty train her.

She started really, really well and then regressed to the point where I was so stressed out I put her back in nappies to give us both a break.

We started again in February this year and she was good but seems to have taken a step back again.

She wets herself and doesn't tell me and poos herself and comes to apologise straight away.

Recently she had the runs so we excused her accidents and I'm not sure if that is the problem.

I have tried being nice and brushing it under the carpet (so to speak) but have really got to sort it out.

She is the same at home or nursery.

Rightly or wrongly, I have this evening told her that I am going to send her soiled knickers to Santa and for every pair we send him she'll get one less Christmas present.

Someone help me, pleeeeeease.

toffeecrisp Thu 02-Jul-09 21:08:25


bert74 Sun 05-Jul-09 21:43:01

Think the Christmas threat is too big and to far away!!

Instead of focusing on the times she does wet, make a really HUGE thing of the times she performs on the potty/toilet, therefore making her feel good about herself.

Have you tried taking her every hour, wether or not she says she needs to go, then every 15mins after that until she performs? This worked for my DS(2.5) and he was potty trained within 6 days!!

BoysAreLikeDawgs Sun 05-Jul-09 21:50:45

She might well be constipated - a lump of poo sits near the bottom, causing the poo behind it to flow around the blockage and counterintuitively present itself as diarrhoea.

Constipation can put pressure on her bladder and cause accidents.

She might have a kidney infection.

Whatever is going on, I think you need to see you GP or HV for support and help.

reban Sun 05-Jul-09 22:07:50

my son is 3 years and 4 months and we are also having serius issues with potty training. Tried last year several times and got no where but certainly didnt expect to still be in the position now where he has no connection between his brain and his bladder and bowels. He will sit in a dirty nappy without telling anyone. When we put him in pants he will just wet and poo and not tell anyone. We have had some success recently with him pulling his own nappy down to go for wees at playgroup so we got a sticker chart and tried pants. That was an absolute disaster as we have thrown away several pairs of pants over the weekend and he is now back in pull ups. I have decided to continue with the regularly putting him on the loo to see if he does anything and reward him with a sticker if he does. But definately keeping him in pull ups untill i can see he has some control over his bladder. Sorry for the slight hyjack but we have swung between huge praise for him when he has used the toilet to getting so fed up that he gets told off when he continually messes, so i know how you feel, guess we just have to keep on trying.

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