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I'm done with nappies ... who wants my inserts?

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pigsinmud Sat 27-Jun-09 15:22:00

I know this is not quite the right forum to give things away, but I want them to go to people who'll use them.

I don't want to post so you'll need to be able to collect from near Dorking or Tonbridge if I pass them to my mum!

I have 29 cloth wipes, 11 hemp insets, 24 microfibre inserts, 11 smaller microfibre inserts, 7 cotton prefolds, 4 hemp prefolds, 9 fleece wipes, paper liners ..... few other things to chuck in.

I only have 3 large cotton/bamboo nappies as gave all my fuzzis to a friend.


hopeful3 Sun 28-Jun-09 01:24:56

Wish I lived near you but I'm in London. I'm desparate for some hemp inserts because so far they're the only things that last more than 1.5 hours on my DS and some fleece wipes would be fab. sad Good luck!

Bicnod Sun 28-Jun-09 01:31:15

hello - would the inserts work in bumgenius pocket nappies? if so then yes please! my best mate lives in dorking so i could get her to pick up...

pigsinmud Sun 28-Jun-09 09:02:47

Whereabouts in London are you hopeful3? Just in case it's anywhere we go sometimes!

I don't mind posting the hemp inserts and some fleece wipes I suppose if you pay the postage.

Email me

schilke at live dot co dot uk

pigsinmud Sun 28-Jun-09 09:04:38

Bicnod - I never used Bumgenius so i wouldn't know. They're just rectangular inserts so I would have thought so.

Were you after hemp or microfibre? I've offered the hemp to hopeful, but if she doesn't want them then you're welcome.


schilke at live dot co dot uk

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