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Best reusable nappies for a very slim toddler

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LaTrucha Thu 25-Jun-09 18:26:06

I'm thinking of giving reusables another spin with my 17 month-old DD. We gave up when she was around 5 months. She's tall and very slim (on the 2nd centile to give you an idea).

What would be best for us to try. I've got a couple of Imse Vimse from the first go round and I have her in one this evening. It doesn't seem to be bothering her yet!

I didn't particularly like all-in-ones, or totsbots or motherease the first time round. I got on better with Imse Vimse in a Motherease wrap or a terry towel in a wrap.

Suggestions please!

LaTrucha Thu 25-Jun-09 18:28:56

Particularly interested in pocket style nappies.

Nappyzoneisabeetrootrunner Thu 25-Jun-09 18:32:38

pockets on an older one id try a medium or a large fuzzi which might see you through although a large may drown her or a bumgenius or even a happy heiny onesize as they have a good rise and are nice and slim. If they suit pockets are fab . Greenkids are also great to and they do some lovely mink soft ones. Fuzzi do a onesize now also but i have no idea what they are like. smile

LaTrucha Thu 25-Jun-09 18:35:56

Oo that was quick! Do the pockets need a wrap?

littlelamb Thu 25-Jun-09 18:36:21

My ds is 12 months old but very tall and slim. I was going to recommend a tots bots with a Motherease wrap. They work fantastically well for us

Nappyzoneisabeetrootrunner Thu 25-Jun-09 18:42:45

no they dont need a wrap and most come with an absorbant insert. I have loads on my website but my ads ran out so you would have to work out who i am lol!

CarGirl Thu 25-Jun-09 18:45:18

I got on best with nippa bamboo but can't remember the brand!

I never got on with pocket nappies, think my girls were super wee-ers!

LaTrucha Thu 25-Jun-09 18:59:49

Do you think pocket nappies are good for skinny girls?

LaTrucha Thu 25-Jun-09 19:03:35

gotcha nappyzone!

Nappyzoneisabeetrootrunner Thu 25-Jun-09 19:12:03

grin I had a skinny boy in pockets from 4 weeks who was a moderate wetter but i cant speak for all babies as they are all different! I do find i have less come back from customers with bumgenius and greenkids anytimes or minkytimes. I loved fuzzi bunz sized too but nursery used to struggle with the poppers business so how you want to fasten them comes into it. There are other systems to explore - pop ins etc but i know you particularly mentioned pockets so i had to perk in as i Love pockets me! grin

LaTrucha Thu 25-Jun-09 19:16:34

ummmmm ? difference between pop in and pocket? [confused emoticon]

Nappyzoneisabeetrootrunner Thu 25-Jun-09 19:22:15

a pop in you ermm pop in the innerds absorbable inserts like this here as oposed to stuffing it in a pocket. Some might not have a stay dry topper.

LaTrucha Thu 25-Jun-09 19:41:19

Oh I see. I guess that makes changing a dirty nappy easier.

HolidaysQueen Thu 25-Jun-09 19:44:55

My 15mo DS is tall and slim. We've used bumgenius since birth - very easy to use, and fit really well. Hardly ever leak.

Nappyzoneisabeetrootrunner Thu 25-Jun-09 19:50:24

La trucha that depends i the po has smeared all over it and dwn the wedges and crevises of the nappy whereas a pocket is smooth to peel off i found... depends on your poo grin

LaTrucha Thu 25-Jun-09 20:13:33


Having a look at bumgenius...

Nappyzoneisabeetrootrunner Thu 25-Jun-09 20:29:36

am glad you understand that unless you were shock at all my typos grin

LaTrucha Thu 25-Jun-09 20:42:37

I'm worse grin

abermum Thu 25-Jun-09 21:17:38

<<waves at LaT>>

eeerrrrmmmm!! me and janet have plenty you can have a whirl with!! from wonderoos to blueberry's and most in between!! with 'unusual' shaped toddlers you're best trying a few and seeing which work!

nature babies stuffables are good and not too expensive!

twoclimbingboys Thu 25-Jun-09 21:41:03

Or, you could have some pockets custom made by a WAHM (like Upsy Daisy or Wee Notions). You could ask them to make them higher in the rise (for her height) with an extra set of poppers (so that they are slim enough). You then get to choose the minkee colour etc too.

blithedance Thu 25-Jun-09 21:50:30

I have the skinniest children and got on fine with Motherease onesize - with boosters by this age. Possibly better once you don't need to fold the front down.

You also get two lines of defence (leg elastic) against leaks of the yukky stuff.

Can send you one to try out, have two dozen in the loft!

LaTrucha Thu 25-Jun-09 22:01:21

Thanks blithedance - I do have a couple in a box upstairs. I'll get them out and try them again.

Twoclimbingboys - wow I guess that's the great thing about reusables. Custom made!

grin Hi Abermum! That would be good! I actually got a bit carried away with the Imse Vimse tonight and whapped one on her (she seemed fine) but had forgot about things like a bucket / soaking so now have one manky nappy in a bowl and no other white washing to do. hmm

abermum Thu 25-Jun-09 23:19:35

EEUGH- don't soak you just get poo soup grin

LaTrucha Fri 26-Jun-09 08:38:12

Too late! What are you supposed to do then?

twoclimbingboys Fri 26-Jun-09 09:35:51

I dry pail, just throw them in a nappy bin (mine is just a huge white lidded bin from ikea).

but for pooped in nappies - I cold rinse the nappies using the showerhead (into a nappy bucket over the bath) before putting them in the nappy bin.

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