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Cut for cloth clothes

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ceb80 Wed 24-Jun-09 21:46:08

Is there any other brand apart from Frugi that does clothes for big bummed boys?!

purplesal Wed 24-Jun-09 21:47:02

Bright Bots - Twinkle on the web normally stock Bright Bots clothing.

Octothechildherder Wed 24-Jun-09 21:57:43

I can recommend GAP tracksuit bottoms!

Marthasmama Wed 24-Jun-09 22:01:26

But not Gap jeans, they're tiny. Poor dd was sitting in her Bumbo eating her snack and kept lifting her bottom out. It was then I realised her Gap jeans were cutting her in half because of her chunky cloth bum. I had to under her button for her. grin Boden has a fairly generous cut. I only know about the girl's trousers but the bloomers are fabulous for big cloth bums.

Octothechildherder Wed 24-Jun-09 22:07:57

I don't do any jeans on mine - they have never found them comfortable. I hate the way trousers dig into their tummies when they sit down - would hate it myself!

Marthasmama Wed 24-Jun-09 22:09:23

I don't either now I have a cloth bum baby Octo! grin

bearhug Thu 25-Jun-09 13:35:46

H&M trousers are usually a generous cut. Also do trousers and shorts in cheerful colours that look nice over cloth nappies.

TheChilliMoose Thu 25-Jun-09 13:49:22

I was just going to recommend Cut4Cloth and do a link for you, but I looked on the website and realised they are now Frugi grin

Indith Thu 25-Jun-09 13:54:29

Tinker Togs is another one. I'm not keen on the trousers to be honest, I don't think they were that nice but useful for vests and sleepsuits.

BlueChampagne Thu 25-Jun-09 16:17:04

Polarn o Pyret - I think the Scandinavians use cloth more than we do.

Marthasmama Thu 25-Jun-09 16:53:04

In that case Blue, does that mean that all the lovely stuff at Nordic Kids will be a little more generous? If so, what a fabulous excuse reason to buy their lovely stuff!

ceb80 Thu 25-Jun-09 20:10:48

Lots of ideas there thanks, will get searching!

BlueChampagne Fri 26-Jun-09 13:36:42

Sorry - don't know TBH! Despite having DS in cloth, we don't have any trouble fitting him into trousers etc. It's a tip from a friend that I thought I'd pass on.

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