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tracedw Wed 24-Jun-09 09:09:09

I know all you mn clothies luv your pocket nappies but i am on the verge of giving up .
Do they work better for girls than boys?
If ds3 boyhood is pointing in the wrong direction,the nappy leak with 1st wee. Even if i am very carful when putting nap on,its leaks after 1-2 hrs.I have wonderoos, bg and nature babies stuffables, oh,and some fuzzi buns,medium.Any advice,tips?
Should i just stick to my bamboo shaped and let all the fun pass me by?

purplesal Wed 24-Jun-09 09:35:29

All the nappies that you mention are fleece lined aren't they? We hav ethis theory that natural fibres soak up liquid quicker than synthetic fibres (the overall absorbency can be the same, it is the just teh initial soaking up of the wee). So as boys generally have a much more concentrated jet of wee the synthtic fibre that it hits first can't soak it away quck enough. Try putting a bamboo booster or even a cotton flannel / wipe at the front of the nappy to see if that helps.

fragola Wed 24-Jun-09 10:01:27

I use two part nappies, but also bought some wonderoos and a pop-in to see what they were like. I found them absolutely awful, especially the wonderoos - I don't think ds has ever worn them without a leak. If they were the only nappies I'd used, I think I would have switched to disposables. I did wonder if they worked better on girls.

erin99 Tue 30-Jun-09 12:40:30

Interesting to hear others have problems too. I always found BG leaked on my dd after an hour or two, but I thought it was because she was too big at 11 months old. I've now tried them on 4 month old ds and they're just as bad.

I'm sooo tempted to try an itti bitti d'lish but it'll be another expensive mistake if it leaks as badly as the BG.

Is it just me, or do you find the cuter the nappy, the more it leaks?hmm

swampster Tue 30-Jun-09 13:56:23

I found large Ittis leaked badly on DS2. DS3's small Itti lasts for ages without leaking but he'll be out of it soon now he is five months old. I used BGs in the daytime leakfree on DS2 until he potty trained. They are working out fine on DS3 with just the large insert. Blueberries one size and side snap are fine too, as are Tots Bots pockets, Greenkids and BBH Minky Magicalls... The only nappy that is pretty much guaranteed to leak for us is a Pop-in - which is also an extremely very ugly nappy IMO.

DS1 used to out-pee anything very quickly, washable or despicable, and if his willy wasn't firmly pointing south, all would be soaked in s seconds.

Octothechildherder Wed 01-Jul-09 10:07:33

Have you strip washed your stuffables - they could be leaking due a build up of washing stuff in the pocket liner/fleece. Worth doing this before you invest. I love my fuzzis - not a huge fan of wonderoo or nature babies as have had leaks with these but never had any problems with fuzzis. In the end - if the shaped bamboo work then I would stick with them! smile

To strip wash - wash at 60 with no detergent at all - a few times!!

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