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Scared of potty and toilet. Help!!

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sallycinnamon Fri 13-May-05 20:48:14

DD aged 2.3 has been sitting on the potty to get used to it for a while now but has never knowingly done anything on it. There's been the odd dribble through luck rather than anything else. I decided that from today the nappies will go so after nursery tonight took off the nappy and encouraged her to sit on potty. After a while a few drips which I made a huge fuss about. But then nothing- it was obvious she wanted to go- was hopping around and clutching herself but would not get back on. Then a soon as my back was turned out it came on the carpet and boy did she scream. She was so upset. Not sure what to do tomorrow, she's obviously got the control if she can stop mid wee. Any advice greatly appreciated.

ionesmum Fri 13-May-05 20:53:02

My dd1 was very similar. We put her nappies back on and left it about another two months'. When we tried again, she was ready and she trained in about four days. I believe it was so quick because she was ready. When we first tried she got so upset, it was just not worth it. I am glad we waited because she didn't get fussed about it, and we didn't have to deal with mountains of wet/pooey clothes. Btw my dd was just three when she trained, so your dd is doing really well for her age. A lot of my friend's dds have trained at or after three, so ignore the books that make you think that they should have done it by two and a half or even younger.

WigWamBam Fri 13-May-05 20:58:15

If she's not emotionally ready as well as physically ready then there's not much point in trying to force it. I'd ease off and put her back into nappies if I were you, she's still very young when all said and done.

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