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DS clean and dry at home but pooing in pants at nursery

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Katerina75 Mon 22-Jun-09 18:09:21

DS has just turned 3 and has been potty training for 12 days. I'm amazed how far he's got from refusing to even go near the potty to being happy to wee on public toilets!

He is at nursery for three days a week. Since last Monday, including today, he has had only three accidents but they were all poo accidents and they were all at nursery.

At home he seems to get plenty of warning that he needs to poo and in fact will insist on sitting on the potty or toilet for quite a long time (30 mins) before it finally comes. However he often says "I don't like it" and seems to need a bit of reassurance & hand holding as it's coming.

This is making me think that these are not genuine accidents exactly but rather that he's not wanting to poo on the potty at nursery for some reason - maybe just doesn't get the reassurance he needs or doesn't want to stop playing for that long!

Well done if you got this far....just wondered if anyone had anything similar with their dcs and is there anything I could try?

Katerina75 Mon 22-Jun-09 19:45:32


ches Wed 24-Jun-09 05:37:30

Yes, had similar for a very short period. DS then (around 18 months) started holding it in all day. It's only the past week or two (28 mth) that he's done a poo at nursery. The first one was after he said he had to poo in the car and I convinced him to sit on the toilet and do it before breakfast. The next day he told his teacher he needed to in the afternoon and the past two days he's done it in the morning before breakfast. This has coincided with him taking himself to the loo and his poo being v. quick. In the beginning (first 6-9 months) it was a half hour book reading marathon, but it's been getting quicker and quicker.

Katerina75 Wed 24-Jun-09 17:57:24

thanks for replying - I'm hoping the same will happen as with your ds & he will eventually start going at home before we leave. However at the moment it seems he is holding it in until the afternoon and then for some reason just going in his pants. It can't be nice for nursery to clean up but they don't seem that bothered.

Think I'm going to send in his own potty when he goes back to nursery on Monday & see if it helps.

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