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DS has been potty trained for about a year but now holds it til he is in pain, he has possibly got SN

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hereidrawtheline Sun 21-Jun-09 13:07:23

DS is 3 next month, he's being evaluated for SN specifically ASD related things. He is very bright and also worries and frets a lot.

A few months ago we was drinking such a massive amount of milk overnight that his bed was wet each morning, so DH explained to him that we were going to reduce his milk so that his nappy didnt leak. Then started the weeks of insomnia. He started keeping himself awake really nervously all night long because he was refusing to wee in his nappy. I finally got out of him why he was refusing sleep until pure exhaustion took him and he said it was because he didnt want his nappy to leak if he relaxed and weed in it. We managed to talk him out of that.

But now in the day we find he is holding it almost constantly - he doesnt wear a nappy in the day. He squirms and holds his wink and shifts around on his bottom and cant focus on anything but refuses point blank to use the potty til it gets almost heated and we make it a condition of doing some fun activity - even then it usually still ends in a meltdown.

I know he is holding it a lot at preschool (he goes 2 mornings a week) and the other day refused to go at all until around 12:30 when I know he needs a wee when he wakes up in the morning.

I am worried because he is so neurotic over the whole potty thing. It seems now he is seeing it almost as a failure if he admits he needs it. I know part of it is that he doesnt want to miss a fun activity but I always promise him that what we are doing will be put on hold til he gets back.

What can I do to help him get over this?

ches Mon 22-Jun-09 03:40:39

Get rid of the potty and let him wee like a man. Have his Dad show him how to use a step stool and wee in the toilet. Or let him wee outside. Nitrogen is good for the plants.

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