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Does anyone use Itti Bitti Nappies

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RetroMum1 Sat 20-Jun-09 21:02:59

Advice really I tried tots bots bamboozles when my DD was 10 weeks old and they were a nightmare leaked everywhere and i had to change her every hour and a half so I sold them and it put me off using disposables. I am now using Nature baby disposables and have been for over a year but I'm sick of buying nappies all the time and the amount of rubbish they cause.

I have seen these and thought they looked good but wanted others opinions of them.

I am looking for a slim fitting nappy that goes under all clothes and one that doesn't leak!!. Also not essential but i love the brighter nappies!

Any advice wuld be gratefully recieved.

Marthasmama Sat 20-Jun-09 21:12:34

I love them and went a bit crazy and obsessive with them at first. I still love them but I am finding that they are chunkier than I had hoped. I am using the large and they are a pulled in very tight on dd so that could be why they are so bulky. The medium is less of a problem. They are very easy to use and easy to wash etc. They are pretty good at keeping everything in especially once the inner bits have been through the wash a few times and are more absorbent. But they can leak if you don't change them regularly (or in my house, if you let DH put one on) They are a bit tricky to put on a wiggly 8 month old, but then what nappy isn't! I would recommend them and will be using them on number three if/when we have a number three!

If you do decide to get them, order some fast as the limited editions are around at the moment, but not for long......


4andnotout Sun 21-Jun-09 07:14:26

I itti's for my dd3 & dd4 and i absolutley love them, they are slim fitting, cute, quick to dry, and the limited editions are gorgeous!

wellbalanced Sun 21-Jun-09 08:55:15

Ive got some itti's and use on my 9 week old, I love them i find them very easy to easy, not at all bulky and rarely leak. Dry quick too.

wiggletastic Sun 21-Jun-09 10:13:56

I love my ittis as they are slim fitting and look cute under dresses. The more you wash the inners the better they are and less likely to leak but they do need changing quite often, more than the other nappies I use. I also have Bumgenius V3 BTP and these are great. Not quite as slim fitting but come in lots of bright colours. I get my nappies from Nappyzone who is a MNer. She will give you lots of good advice too. (she also has the print ittis - so cute!)

PinkyMinxy Sun 21-Jun-09 10:27:32

Iused totsbots cotton nappies with my first two DC, along with ellas house hemp nappies, they both worked fine with a m.e. wrap. But since they are quite worn now (totsbots, not ellas- they are still going strong) I went for something new for DD2 and bought ittis. We find them really good, very cute, trim, and kind on her skin. And they dry very quickly. Only downside I can see is that they are made in China when my others were made in Scotland (though I'm not sure totsbots are made there anymore either).

swampster Sun 21-Jun-09 11:54:27

Tots are made in Scotland again, they went to Turkey for a while. They also have some cute pocket nappies now. I am an Itti fan - they are the sweetest, furriest nappies but I find they do need to be changed really often. I find Bumgenius nappies really reliable but, face it, you wouldn't sit around stroking one like you would with an Itti (or is that just me? blush) And I adore Blueberris, minky and side-snap. Why not try a few different nappies?

Octothechildherder Sun 21-Jun-09 21:45:22

I like ittis - they do come up a bit small for me though. I love the tots pockets atm - made in scotland, pocket, cotton or bamboo inner - great! and such great value too.

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