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Potty training boot camp, anyone want to join me starting tomorrow???

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notevenamousie Fri 19-Jun-09 18:58:52

DD is 2.6
We've introduced pull ups, the potty, the toilet-with-a-thomas-seat-on.
Tomorrow I am starting no nappies. Bare bottom.

I take it this means I can't go out??
And if so, who else is going through it that would like to join in a thread with me???

Ryn Sat 20-Jun-09 14:54:12

Hey, we just started today DD 2.7.

same as you, done all other stuff but are biting the bullet! So far we have had 2 poos in potty (one was a standy up which we managed to catch so cheat really) 2 on floor (she never usually goes THIS much) and wees in potty, on bed, in knickers and sprayed everywhere.....(thought that was for boys, starting to think she could use a urinal!!!!!)

my mother has taken her for an hour as i am 32 weeks pg and am needing a sit down. she has gone armed with potty, pants and 4 changes of clothes!

how is it going that end????

notevenamousie Sat 20-Jun-09 18:51:56

Hi Ryn,

I am so glad you are joining me! I think you have it tougher than me.

This morning we had a poo whilst eating breakfast in nighttime nappy - this is usual, don't really know what to do there - and one wee accident followed by 5 wees on the potty. Then nap (wee in nappy) then we have been out at a birthday party and I just put her in a nappy as it was busy and chaotic and it seemed best.

Thinking of going swimming in the morning as we always do on sunday then seeing how it goes. What are your plans for tomorrow?

Ryn Sat 20-Jun-09 18:58:47

more of the same i guess..... washing basket mounting with wet knickers (hers i might add) and running out of disinfectant rapidly!!!!

so pleased DP is off this weekend to help out as i struggle to bend down (huge ankles and bump)!

endless repeats of peppa pig are helping to keep her amused!

let me know how you get tomorrow x

funtimewincies Sat 20-Jun-09 19:32:14

Can I play too smile? We started big boy pants with ds (2.6) on Wednesday and it's been mixed. If we can persuade him to 'have a go' on the potty our success rate is good, otherwise it's frequent cries of 'uh-oh, wee-wee accident'.

We've had to go cold-turkey as he doesn't see any reason to give up pull-ups; he's never been bothered about pants full of poo and I doubt that this will change for a while. I'm also getting more pg by the day (due Nov). When are you due Ryn?

I'm praying for the rain to stop, if I see any more CBeebies I'll scream!

Ryn Sat 20-Jun-09 22:52:13

Course you can play.....we all need to stick together amidst the pee!

I am due 21st August.... need this sorted asap as cant face two sets of nappies!

Off to bed now, if DD2 inside me lets me sleep then i will have another joyous day tomorrow of wee and poo. Poor DP, not exactly ideal fathers day present hee hee!

notevenamousie Sun 21-Jun-09 07:36:54

Morning all,
It's so good to have some company. DD was very sad to take her nappy off this morning but hasn't been yet...
I'm turning into grumpy mummy and she's whinging more than usual - we're going to have to go out today.

truthisinthewine Sun 21-Jun-09 07:44:24

Ohh I might just join you, my DD is 2.8 and is showing no real signs of wanting to potty train but I really want her out of nappies.

I have sort of tried before without nappies but she just wee'd didn't even tell me and wasn't at all bothered about walking about in soaking wet pj bottoms, we have managed a few poos on the toilet but never ever a wee.

Should we just go for it, or do I need to wait until she is actually asking to go, at the moment I can't ever imagine that happening!

Ryn Sun 21-Jun-09 07:48:58

Day 2 in the Big potty House!

Day started badly!

Was awake from 4 am with DD2 kicking away inside me like the Karate Kid. Fell asleep downstairs on breast feeding chair when DD1 woke up for me. Been up an hour and DD1 REFUSES to go on potty!!!! We had such a good day yesterday!

She has just sat and peed in her pj's watching tv and actually made a noise whist doing it, reminiscent of Ann from Little Britain!!! Infact thats her new name for now!

Decided to leave her wet for 10 mins.... she just pulled her pj's down and said "see mamyy, my bums not wet now"!

Its gonna be a LOOOOONNNNGGG day!

littleducks Sun 21-Jun-09 07:55:15

hello all!

im just being nosy not potty training but thought i would pop in, i toilet trained dd last summer when she was 2.4 ish and am expecting to be training ds next year when he is over two (obv will have to see how he goes) so i think of this with joy as my summer off toilet training!

I thought i would say good luck to you all, and if you get discouraged search the archves for old boot camp threads, they do seem to cover all problem (with quite a detailed explanantion of the sylvanoian rabbit in dungarees for stubborn poo-ers)

And a word of warining, always go to the toilet before going to the park, for some reason every newly trained child i know seems to have a wee accident going down the slide hmm grin

Ryn Sun 21-Jun-09 07:56:39

thanks for the tips!!! Water slide sounds revolting!wink

notevenamousie Sun 21-Jun-09 12:48:46

Hi there
We got in about 11 and shortly after had a poo in nappy, but since she has been nappy-less has wee-d in the potty.

Ryn - sorry today's been frustrating. Has it got any better? I haven't been putting anything on dd's bottom which may be why I've got away with it so far.
truthisinthewine - bare bottoms seem to have been the way to go for my dd but I am so very far from being in any position to advise! Great name by the way.

peanutpie Sun 21-Jun-09 13:56:35

I thought I would join this thread as we're potty training at the moment. We have been having bare bottoms at home since Wednesday which is going fairly well as long as DS is not too distracted . No amount of nagging from me to use the potty works, but if I leave him he'll slip off to have a poo or wee and then announce it proudly.
However, there's no joy if we use pants. He seems happy to treat them like a nappy. In fact I'm beginning to think I'm going to have to get him to help me take my pants off when I go to the loo in the hope that he'll realise this is what is needed!

Ryn Sun 21-Jun-09 17:38:39

things have improved a bit...poo and lots of wees but still a few accidents!!! trying the bare bum approach now!

have hospital appointment tomorrow at 9.20am... this should be fun!!!

keep up good work everyone smile

notevenamousie Sun 21-Jun-09 17:54:47

We're dry bare bottomed - and even at nap time! Her behaviour on the other hand has been terrible and I feel awful for having shouted. I am very stressed tonight.

She goes to nursery - they just have a toilet with a child seat, but have said I can take the potty, so we'll see how tomorrow goes.

Ryn Sun 21-Jun-09 17:59:46

hey I had awful behavior too, DP on other hand is being treated like a hero! I must be EVIL Nappy Stealer!

notevenamousie Sun 21-Jun-09 18:02:38

That must be so frustrating!!! I am on my own, but got dd to phone and leave a message for her dad about her potty success! I hope your DP is supportive, especially with a bump to be looking after too.

funtimewincies Sun 21-Jun-09 18:59:04

I'm so glad it's not just me, ds' behaviour was soooooo bad yesterday with non-stop tantrums about random things and I felt like such a bad parent sad. The 'leave-it-late' exponents would tell me that it's too early but I know that it's not. He just wants to be in charge over everything (no idea where he gets it blush) and this is just another battle ground.

It's been a bit cold here for bare bottoms but he's very proud of his big boy pants!

Today has been better although he can only be tempted onto the potty in front of Cbeebies. On the other hand, he's not had an accident when he's been playing so that's all good grin.

Hope that everyone has had a better day and that it wasn't as bad as you feared Ryn. Ds makes this odd noise too when he goes, a sort of moo hmm.

truthisinthewine Mon 22-Jun-09 08:07:57

Ok, so I have bitten the bullet, today is the first day of no nappies!

Started off ok so far, she seemed happy with the idea of no more nappies and has decided where she wants the potty to be.

Has so far sat on it voluntarily once (for about 2 seconds), I know from previous days with no nappies on that she has very good bladder control and can easily go 3 or 4 hours without a wee.

Not really expecting any wees in the potty/toilet today but hope it will get her thinking about what she is doing and when she needs a wee.

She gets very annoyed if you constantly ask her if she needs a wee so have decided to just remind her every now and then that if she needs a wee she needs to sit on the potty / ask for the toilet.

peanutpie Mon 22-Jun-09 13:20:26

I hope everyone's day is going OK.
Today started well with a poo in the potty while I was in the shower! Anyway I have decided for some reason to have a try with pants. I have been doing a lot of 'pulling pants down before going to the loo demos' (I hope the neighbours can't see!) in the hope that he gets the idea.
Anyway we had a bit of success first thing but we have now brought home 2 sets of soggy clothes from playgroup. However I feel we've had progress as he did come and tell me when he was wet and I managed to get him to at least try the potty when we were out.
Was a bit embarrassing when the lady had to mop up a small puddle in the play group cafe....

Ryn Mon 22-Jun-09 14:10:41

We managed the hospital visit with only ONE accident, then she fell asleep! I didnt want to risk waking her (being this pregnant you take whatever rest you can) so laid her on a towel fully clothed.

SHE WOKE UP DRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Think its a fluke but couldnt stop praising her! Poor kid

Wee on potty too!

Well done everyone so far... keep up good work..... cant BLOODY WAIT for this to be over!

truthisinthewine Mon 22-Jun-09 14:23:16

Well done for braving the hospital, I have an appointment next week and already thinking about if I will be brave enough to take DD along.

Can I ask how often (roughly) your DCs go for a wee? I took DD's night nappy off about 7:15am then no wee until nearly 2pm, we have had nappy free mornings before and she often doesn't do a wee until around lunchtime, is this normal?

So we have had one wee so far today, and it happened to be on a pile of clean clothes on her bedroom floor and as I walked into the room she proudly stood up and said she had finished.

She seems to hate the potty so have been using the toilet (although not got anything in it) is such a pain having to troop upstairs with her and with little DD2 as well.

Ryn Mon 22-Jun-09 15:24:37

My DD pees like a horse and often!!! But she is a bit of a liquid addict (must take after me but mine is alcoholic- when not pregnant). She drinks loads through the day, we have wees every half hour or so!

Not sure what is normal really - perhaps we need to put to consensus!?!?!

giggle re the clean clothes wink.. sorry!

notevenamousie Mon 22-Jun-09 19:18:38

Nursery had no joy at all with the potty, but she was in a pull up. Ideally I guess you have a good few days at home and then you are sorted but that doesn't fit around life here. So we are fine barebottomed. Nursery say not to put her in knickers as they have so many others to look after. Which of course I understand. But we are stuck!

As for frequency, was hourly on Saturday at least then not for a couple/ three hours on Sunday.

I stripped her when we got home tonight but she hung on until bedtime (when a nappy comes?) Not sure where to go from here really.

funtimewincies Mon 22-Jun-09 20:08:39

Sounds like progress Ryn (smile).

Ds has days of not weeing much and other days (like today) when it's non-stop. We're still at the stage of persuading him to use the potty but he's not asking for it. However, he has managed to stop a couple mid-flow today shock in order to get on the potty. Impressive!

I'm still undecided about nursery tomorrow. They're quite happy for him to go in pants with lots of changes so I might give it a whirl and put a few pullups in the bag in case they find that it's too much for him. He's dead keen to show then his pants hmm.

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