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Bed wetting training plan, should we carry on?

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tigger32 Wed 17-Jun-09 13:27:35

Sorry this is going to be long.
Ds1 is 5.9, he has never had a dry night.
Before he started school my HV said that it quite common and that he should grow out of it by the age of 8.
School nurse has other ideas and has put us on a strict training plan which is
Drinking set amounts at set times
Going to the toilet as soon as he needs to
Removing pyjama pants at night.
I was all for this and we have been sticking to it all, (ds was happy to go along with it too)
The problem is,
night one was as expected he woke at 2am wet (quick change and back to bed) then again 5am (up for day then)
since then he has either woken at 6am ish wet and when I've gone to change the bed I've found dried urine patches from some point in the night.
Or he hasn't woken (if he has he's not said) and when he wakes he thinks he has been dry but the bed is covered in dried urine patches.
He is obviously getting disturbed sleep as he is very tired and very cross/grumpy, so much so that yesterday he punched me and then threw his school shoe at me! sad

I hate seeing him like this, and I'm finding it hard myself as I'm so tired from not sleeping worrying and waiting for him to wake. I hate the idea of him sleeping in wee too! I'm 19 weeks pregnant with dc3.
Should we just keep going at it or should I put him back in pajama pants until the 6 weeks holiday?
Thanks for reading

Seona1973 Wed 17-Jun-09 18:55:34

If he isnt waking then he doesnt sound ready to me. I would take a step back (personally) and put him back in his pull ups and try again later. Have you asked the gp for advice/had a look on ERIC website?

Stinkyfeet Wed 17-Jun-09 18:59:25

Yep, I agree put him back into pull-ups and try again in the holidays. It's not worth the stress and upset for either of you.

DS1 is 6.2 and exactly the same - doesn't wake when he wees. We've tried every so often without pull-ups but he still wets every night. We'll be trying again in the summer holidays!

tigger32 Thu 18-Jun-09 10:44:38

Thank you for your replies, i think that is what we'll do as this morning he woke at 7am wet and there were at least 2 other dried up patches in the bed. sad Ds asked me if he could just put his pull ups on again for a few weeks so I told him we would if that was what he wanted.
seona thanks for the link I'll have a look, as for the doctor she has told me to do what the school nurse decides!
Thanks again for your replies

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