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Pants at home, nappies at nursery??

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GoodWitchGlinda Tue 16-Jun-09 09:53:05

Originally posted this in development, but then saw that there is a potty training section - d'oh!

My DD is 2yr 3 mths and on Friday decided to start using the potty of her own accord - doing wees and poos in there quite happily all weekend, only a couple of accidents.

I was unsure how she would get on doing it a nursery on Monday and Tuesday, but sent her in pants and the nursery said it would be no problem. But by lunchtime on Monday she still had not done anything and eventually it seems she held it in for so long she gave herself stomach ache and was very upset. The nursery decided to put her into pull ups and as soon as they did, she went (wees and poo that she had been holding in).

Now she seems reluctant to do anything on the potty (she will sit on it, but not doing anything), and wants nappies instead of pants.

I feel like if I hadn't had to take her to nursery we would have cracked it, but I work and will have no time other than when we are on holiday when she won't have to go to nursery, so it couldn't be avoided. She can be a bit shy and nervous at nursery, so I suspect this is why she was holding it in instead of doing it on the potty. She was happy to sit on the potty, but didn't do anything. Whereas, at home, she did lots of wees and poos on the potty, often without us needing to remind her - she just went and did it herslef. I thought we had it cracked.

Now I'm not sure what to do for the best. I'm not upset with the nursery because it was the right thing to do as DD was upset and in pain. And obviously I don't want to push DD until she is ready, but she really was doing so well and was so pleased with herself all weekend, and this feels like a huge set-back and I don't know where to go from here.

Any advice/anyone been through similar? Should I keep trying with the potty at home and nappies at nursery until she is more confident?

erin99 Tue 16-Jun-09 11:33:24

I would avoid mixing and matching if at all possible - the odd few hours in pants at home would be OK but fulltime pants at home and fulltime nappies at nursery would confuse the brightest child.

How about asking nursery if she could bring her own potty in for a day? This is what my nursery suggested when my dd was scared of the potty at nursery. We never actually tried it though, she just went into fulltime nappies for a couple of months and then went shopping for a new potty.

Nursery have also been really good at having the same member of staff with her all day when she's potty training. Dd is shy and I think this helped a lot. Sticker chart at nursery too.

GoodWitchGlinda Tue 16-Jun-09 18:53:17


When I picked her up today, she had asked to go into pants and been on the potty all aft!

Sop hopefully a short-lived problem, and now pants all the way..... (until the next obstacle, no doubt smile)

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