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Wet bed every night for a week but really, really doesn't want to wear a nappy

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hamsgirl Mon 15-Jun-09 23:00:07

My son was out of nappies during the day around 2 years 8 months.

He's now 3.5 years and has recently started really objecting to wearing a nappy at night. Previously whenever he asked not to wear one at night, I gave it a half hearted attempt for one night and then after a wet bed persuaded him to go back to nappies the next night. He's usually forgotten about not wanting a nappy on the next night anyway.

About a week ago, he objected again so I thought given he was 3.5 I'd give it at least a week to see if we saw any improvement. He has wet the bed every night. He is such a deep sleeper that he doesn't even wake up and has no idea at all that he's weed in his bed when he wakes in the morning. At least if he was waking on wetting I'd be encouraged that eventually his brain would realise that weeing = wet bed.

No improvement after a week so tonight I put him back in nappies (pull ups) and he was sooo upset. He was physically and verbally objecting to it and I felt so sorry for him and don't fancy this battle every night.

I tried lifting him a couple of times but he didn't produce anything.

I don't really have any choice but to go back to nappies do I? Unless I just put up with washing sheets and showering him every morning. But then I worry that he will just get used to lying on wet sheets.

Just wondered if anyone experienced the same and if anyone has seen any improvement by carrying on regardless of wet beds. Or wondered if anyone had any advice.

pocketmonster Tue 16-Jun-09 22:44:26

My dd (now 4.11) was exactly like this, she sleeps really deeply and doesn't wake up even if she wets the bed - I could change her and the bed without her even stirring!

I put her in dry nites to start with because she was adamant she didn't want a nappy on - in her mind they were 'big girl pants' and not the same as nappies, then made sure she drank lots during the day (insufficient fluids can make night bedwetting worse) but stopped her drinking anymore an hour before bed. She also goes for a wee last thing before sleep. I have a waterproof mattress cover on and we have the odd accident but hardly anything for the last 6 months. Oh yes, avoid sugary drinks as apparently this can aggravate the bladder and make the child more likely to wet. Apparently late night dryness is hereditary (sp?) and is usually down to heavy sleep or late production of a certain hormone (can't remember the details).

But nothing to worry about until child about 7(or even later). Not at all uncommon for a 3 year old not to be dry at night.

Hope that helps. smile

hamsgirl Fri 19-Jun-09 22:13:04

Thanks pocketmonster.

In the end I came across the ERIC website and ordered some cotton short things but after a couple of nights he seems not to be so bothered about his pull up again so I'll keep them for the next time he protests.

I did look at the dry nites too but they are really expensive aren't they. I'll bear them in mind though if he gets upset again and the cotton pants don't work.

No, I'm not worried in the slightest about him not being dry at night at the moment it was more that I wasn't sure what to do to make him less upset about wearing a nappy and whether to carry on trying (we didn't, we gave up that night for the foreseeable future).

Although I fully anticipate problems given he is such a deep sleeper and also my husband wet the bed until he hit puberty.

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