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So how long does bamboo nappies really take to dry?

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IWishIWasAFrog Sun 14-Jun-09 19:42:52

Hi there,

Ds1 due in Sept, and looking at reusables, but find it very confusing! Many reviews and advice sheets say that bamboo nappies takes a long time to dry, can someone please tell me, how long is a long time? Don't have a tumble dryer.


purplesal Sun 14-Jun-09 19:47:54

A day, more or less, on an airer insde the house. A couple of hours on a washing line. About 90 minutes - 2 hours in a tumble drier. That's for something like a bamboozle. which is a pure bamboo nappy. Ones filled with microfibre do dry quicker.

funtimewincies Sun 14-Jun-09 19:51:00

I've used them with ds and they do take a long time. I had Fluffles when he was a baby during the winter months and they were fab, but there were some quality control issues with the size 2 so I ended up with bamboozles. They were good, but I wouldn't have liked to have been needing them with the poo-frequency of a newborn, through the winter, without a drier, as radiators make them a bit 'crunchy'.

So, fine when they don't need as many changes, but in the early months I'd look for something fairly quick drying otherwise you'll need to buy loads. I'm pg but with another winter baby, so can use my Bamboozles come the summer, phew!

Good luck for Sept smile.

potatofactory Sun 14-Jun-09 19:54:54

AGES if they are shaped ones (bamboozle). You can't tumble dry them or dry them on a radiator either (I used mine in winter). Seriously - over two days. I hear the non-shaped ones are good though.

KirstyJC Sun 14-Jun-09 20:01:34

Wow purplesal, really only a couple of hours on a line for bamboozles? I have 2 easy peasy bambeasy and 1 x little lambs bamboo (all pure bamboo) and they take a lot longer than that!

The bambeasys can dry in a day on the line IF it is really hot and really windy. If not, they need a night in the utility room on the indoor airer as well as a full day. The little lambs is even longer - it has been 1 full day on the line, overnight indoors and then another full day on the line.

So actually, for me the answer is...they take ages!!!

Having said that, they are very good and do last upwards of 12 hours at night (with a booster) on a 7 month old.

IwishIwasAFrog (great name by the way!) - I would get a small selection of nappies to try before you committ to buying loads in one go. Does your council have a trial pack you can borrow? Mine lent me 14 different nappies for a month (inc terries/prefolds/bamboo/all-in-ones/4 types of pockets). This was fab as I could try them out overnight, check how long they lasted and took to dry etc before I bought. I ended up with mainly BumGenius (which work overnight for me but not for lots of people) and some cotton and bamboo 2-parts. Check your local council website and type 'real nappies' in the search bit and you might be able to book a trial in for soon after the birth.

My instinct would be to say only use bamboo at night for a newborn, maybe cotton or microfibre for the day if you have no drier.

Good luck and congrats on baby!smile

IWishIWasAFrog Sun 14-Jun-09 20:49:41

Thanks for the replies.

I really find it all very confusing! Having read loads of reviews etc I am more confused than ever! I'm thinking of either Bambinex or Bumgenius V3 (which is not bamboo and apparently dries very quickly), or the fitted Bumgenius Bamboo one? Or Totsbots? Aaaargh! Are some better for nights and others better for days? For me, they have to be as leakproof as possible and not bulky, is this possible? Does anybody know of a shop in London where you can have a look at them? Due to my shiftpattern and job, getting to Real Nappies for London meetings are difficult. Thanks!

Kirsty - I really do love frogs, and really wish I was one! Our holidays tend to centre around places where I can go frogwatching at night blush

swampster Sun 14-Jun-09 21:08:57

Whereabouts in London are you, Frog? Green Me is in Greenwich Market, Green Baby is in Islington, Notting Hill, Richmond and Greenwich (only been in Green Baby in Islington). Their selection of nappies is fairly limited but at least you get to stroke some fluff.

IWishIWasAFrog Sun 14-Jun-09 21:15:02

grin stroke some fluff!

I live near Milton Keynes but commute to London daily for work, both stores look great!


purplesal Sun 14-Jun-09 22:08:02

There is definitely a Lollipop advisor based near Milton Keynes - there are several in Befordshire. And there are quite a few Lollipop advisors all over London. WHy not book an appointment with one of them and get to see loads of different nappies and get them explained at the same time. Visit their webiste - to get in contact with an advisor. Lollipop don't just sell Lollpop nappies, so you'll see a range of different nappies and brands -including their own brand bamboo which is filled with microfleece so dries quite a bit quicker.

duvetheaven Sun 14-Jun-09 22:34:38

I would agree with Kirsty. Don't buy 20 nappies in one go - def try before you buy . Apart from the nappy you need to find what works for baby's shape too!! I don't find BG so fantastic for baby's chunky legs!!
Congrats on pregnancy [ smile].
I had a LL bamboo on line all day today and was still damp when I took it in. Bamboo feels so soft though grin

Debs75 Sun 14-Jun-09 22:43:22

I use little lambs bamboo and find they can take a full day on the line, a good breeze dries quicker then a hot day. On the airer indoors up to 2 days.
I have gor some microfleece ones for the next size and when I washed them they were dry in a couple of hours

wellbalanced Tue 16-Jun-09 08:56:47

Ive got bambinex bamboo and L L bamboo (also cotton and microfleece)
I had my bamboo nappies on line at wkd in lovely sunshine all day and were still damp when brought in.
If drying indoors i dry infront of window and can take 2 days.

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