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just quickly...How long should a child sit on a potty for Maximum?

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NeedCoffee Sat 13-Jun-09 17:22:16

DD has taken to sitting on her potty whilst watching tv, i've been doing a lot of revision so (bad mummy alert!) but rather worried that it may cause piles or hinder her potty training, should I just stick a nappy on her and take up potty training when I have the time?

kif Sat 13-Jun-09 17:24:34

Chill out. She'll stop if it's making her uncomfortable.

It's a cosy seat. I've spent long enough reading on the bog (in the day when I used the toilet uninterrupted..)

kif Sat 13-Jun-09 17:25:22

And good luck with your exams. That makes you a good mummy. And the benefit will last far longer than a sore arse!

NeedCoffee Sat 13-Jun-09 17:26:49

haha thanks Kif, I have to say, I spent a lot on the bloody potty-its got a soft seatgrin

kif Mon 15-Jun-09 19:06:35

Ah - well there's the problem. The potty os too comfy.

A thin smearing of mustard around the seat should solve it. After about two minutes, it'll induce a gentle burning sensation around the buttocks, that will displace all but the hardiest toddler.

NeedCoffee Wed 17-Jun-09 11:33:04


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