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ideas for nighttime new-to-clothie

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motherpeculiar Wed 11-May-05 12:23:41

Okay - I've had DD2 in cloth since day two (she is now 4.5 weeks) and am still loving it (suffering all the "normal" addictions symptoms - love them hanging on the line, go "aahh" every time I spot that particularly cute lilac totsbot in the drawer, surf the net FAR too much oogling other nappies etc etc).We are using a combination of muslins, bumbles, tots and some borrowed imse vimses. However we have her in moltex disps at night - she only tends to wee at night and so probably goes for 7 hours between changes although she does have a feed or two depending on her mood.

so, my question to you experts out there is what could we use at night to give the absorbency needed to last that kind of time (and be comfy enough to keep her sleeping well - VERY important)???????

if it makes any difference she is a big girl, almost 12lbs at 4 weeks old.


pixiefish Wed 11-May-05 12:47:49

a tots bots or minky or other similar 'bulky' nappy. use a fleece liner as this draws the liquid away and keeps her dry. or a stuffie would be good

chipmonkey Wed 11-May-05 12:50:47

I find a fuzzi-bunz stuffed with a prefold and an extra booster good. Once I left the booster out by mistake and he was still dry just with the prefold but I don't think I'd risk that all the time.

starlover Wed 11-May-05 12:52:09

agree with pixiefish. Slinki Minki's are good, and fleece lined so u fdon't need a liner.

You could also just try adding a booster to her tots bots or whichever u want to use, and popping a nice fleece liner on top. It will be quite bulky, but they don't seem to mind too much at night!

motherpeculiar Wed 11-May-05 12:54:16

thanks pixiefish - are the unbleached tots much more absorbant? I find the coloured ones, while really cute, are completely soaked after a couple of hours during the day.

would like to try some stuffies (thinking ahead to when she is at childcare) so maybe I should give them a go now as a nighttime possibility..

never heard of minky but will hunt them downand check them out

thanks for the thoughts

chipmonkey Wed 11-May-05 13:18:17

You can get Minkies here I have found this a good site for most brands.

elibelly Wed 11-May-05 13:46:19

Ella's House bumhuggers are good at night, hemp outer fleece lined but you need a wrap for them, or minky's as suggested by others. Kittykins is a good site for buying nappies, and sells both of these, free postage too. HTH

vkone Wed 11-May-05 15:06:16

Must admit I swear by a boosted unbleached Tots OR if DS has a dodgy tummy, a boosted Bumble (it's easier to scrape stuff off a bumble I find (way TMI)) BTW have you thought of a fleece wrap as well. I was convinced this was a mad idea but eventually tried it and the are FAB (I use Tots, best to get the next size up to fit over a well boosted night nappy).


cacaboo Wed 11-May-05 15:49:43

We use Ella's house bumhuggers and minki huggles - both are fleece lined - together with stacinator so-simple wraps or a fleece wrap. Can get them all from kittykins - love their free postage thing.

pixiefish Wed 11-May-05 17:49:52

the tots bots are more absorbent than the pastel bots becasue the pile is differnt on them. try earthkind for minkies. loads of WAHM's here

motherpeculiar Wed 11-May-05 20:11:23

thanks guys

to boost - do I just buy the booster to go with the nappy i.e. tots booster for tots nappy etc?

also, I think I read somewhere that the fleece wraps can wick a bit (is that the right term - i.e. transfer wet out onto clothes) if babe is in one spot for too long. She is only 4 weeks so can't move her wee self about much at night yet - so should I hold off on a fleece wrap atm because of that?

with fuzzi bunz or other stuffables - can I use my muslins to stuff them? or do I need to buy special stuffing stuff? any special tricks I need to know? I don't need a wrap with these, right?

what a lot there is to learn. Thanks for all the suggestions so far.

starlover Wed 11-May-05 20:37:38

motherpeculiar... i went for the cheapest boosters I could find! they're all pretty much of a muchness to be honest.

fleece wraps can wick yes, but I think it's mainly if there is more pressure on them for a long period, ie crotch strap on a car seat...
having said that, I have never used one!

fuzzi's etc can be stuffed with pretty much anything! even an old t-shirt if you get desperate!
I use microterry inserts because they are quite slim but very absorbant. Am trying to get hold of some second-hand hemp ones as well as they are apparently v.good.

sweetkitty Wed 11-May-05 20:40:05

hi i'm new to cloths at night too but my DD is nearly 10 months so sleeps in one nappy for 12 hours. Anyway I use either an unbleached tots with a tots booster or a bumble with a insert from a fuzzi bunz as well. They are soaking in the morning but are very good.

I keep my Fuzzi for the day, if I were you I would buy 1 unbleached tots and a booster and see how you get on.

motherpeculiar Thu 12-May-05 13:24:14

ok, based on the collected wisdon I think I will try an unbleached tots, compare it with my bumble. I think I'll also give a minky huggle a go - they look too cute not to try.

will also invest in a fuzzi and those slim inserts you mention starlover, I like the idea of her sporting a slimmer bot on occasion during the day.

although those Ella's bumhuggers look great too...

too much choice I fear, for one as indecisive as myself

roosmum Thu 12-May-05 16:27:04

hi MP,
have been using a fleece wrap on ds since he was v. tiny (now 14 wks), & never had a leak from them (& he's now a big boy at 17lb, nappy v. wet by morning) - using a polkabot fleece over a pad-folded terry...tbh, tho i've never tried a totsbots i can't see how they can be better than a folded terry (i use little ewe - which you can even get in cute pastel colours like TB, without getting the poor absorbency) which is what i'm doing at night (was doing nippa'd bat fold, but now pad folding - much easier & working just as well i find). using a mixture of stuffables & bambino mio prefolds & wraps during day. also finding that paper bio liners (bambino mio) keep ds drier than fleece (esp overnight), which seem to give him nappy rash despite freq. changes, non-bio det. etc etc.

roosmum Thu 12-May-05 16:30:12

ooo, also def. try out a fuzzi, i've just bought one & it's great. or a happy heiny stuffable nappy, my fave nappy overall i think - comes in such FAB prints!

motherpeculiar Fri 13-May-05 18:24:19

thanks roosmum - will definitely try out your suggestions
find it hard to believe that a fleece wrap contains the moisture but i guess it must

thanks again

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