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Dry nappy on waking but why not potty trained???!!

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Welsummer Wed 10-Jun-09 22:51:18


All advice and words of reassurance required please! My daughter is 2.8 and her brother is 10 months. She has gone through various stages since 22 months of wanting to have her reusable nappy changed each time it was wet or soiled but now seems totally uninterested. There are potties up and downstairs, she is aware of what to aim for as I have never hidden my toilet habits and she has good language skills. She wakes with a dry nappy but will wee soon on waking, if she wakes at night it will usually be as she has done a wee and wants her nappy changed. I have to consistently remind her to drink and she can hold a wee for up to 3-4 hours. Typically she likes to hide herself away when she needs a poo. She didn't walk until 15months and seems to be lacking in confidence often refusing to attempt a new task. We have had an increase in tantrums recently.Not sure why.I am trying to give her plenty of individual time when her brother is asleep. She must have the physical ability to manage the days if she can last 12 hours at night????? Help!!!!!

whyme2 Wed 10-Jun-09 23:06:49

Does she actually sit on the potty/toilet?
Are you brave enough to take the nappies away and let her "experience" wet legs from the wee?
Just a few thoughts really although she is still young. Am trying to encourage DS age 2.6 to use the potty so I understand your frustration. My dd got the hang of it all in a matter of days, ds is taking longer . . .

Welsummer Thu 11-Jun-09 22:56:06

Hello there whyme2, thanks for your advice.

yes she does sit on the potty but not on a regular daily basis. I have tried a couple of times without nappies (also tried sticker reward chart, 1st day great then she lost all interest)and she has experienced being wet quite a few times, firstly being shocked then after that outwardly not bothered!Because she floods her reusable nappies when she wees anyway she almost always needs a change of trousers too as the nappy cannot hold the volume.

I appreciate that she is young but it does get me down when I speak to friends whose children are younger and are managing it. Typically my mum had me out of nappies at 22 months before my brother was born.

I took her shopping today to help buy me some lovely pants hoping to inspire her, she loved the choice for me! I also have found another potty tonight and told her that we need to start showing her brother what to do with it...just a random idea I had as she only started taking her own socks off when she saw him do it when he was about 6 months...think there is a lot of subconscious feelings of jealousy going on! Would be interested to hear how you are getting on with your DS.

whyme2 Fri 12-Jun-09 14:20:42

We are having daily accidents. Alhtough I think yesterday was the first day he managed with out having to change clothes.
I would suggest you try a couple of days where you stay at home and have no nappies and try and get her to sit on the potty every hour. Also give lots of drinks/ice pops etc for fliud. See if she "gets it". If not I would leave off for a month or two then try again.
My ds seems able to hold his wee but doesn't ask for the potty. As long as I make him go every hour or so, its ok. Poo is a different story . .
It sounds like she is getting there, I know it's hard but try not to compare her with other children.
Good luck.

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