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DD wants to stop wearing nappies at night but is she ready?

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MissM Wed 10-Jun-09 21:32:59

DD is really keen to get out of nappies at night (she sees her older cousin and friend without and wants to be like them). Only problem is, she's never had a dry nappy in the morning, ever. So what do I do? Go with what she wants and suffer wet beds every night? Or tell her she's not ready yet (and probably suffer great big tantrums and disappointment - she so wants to be like them!) Is there a way of helping her - I've heard about 'lifting' but don't really know much about it.

thumbsucker Wed 10-Jun-09 22:25:22

My DS wasn't dry in the morning when I first stopped him having nappies at night. You might have to give it a go, but put a matress protector under her sheet - mothercare do some that aren't plastic-y. the lifting thing (like all these things)works better with some children than others - you get them up just as you're going to bed and put them on the toilet. some children will virtually go without waking up but my DS found it quite distressing. That said, he clearly just didn't need to and we didn't really have any problems. I'd say take the plunge when you have a few days that you can both cope with being a little tired and if you have a few accidents she'll probably want to go back to nappies until she's ready anyway.

puffylovett Wed 10-Jun-09 22:29:26

You may find that she's weeing in her nappy because it's there - IYSWIM.

My DS is often dry in the morning when he wakes - it's rare he goes in his sleep, but he usually needs a big wee on waking. If I don't quite get to him in time, he'll use his nappy. Recently he will ask to go to the toilet if he's not absolutely desperate, as he doesn't really like going in his nappy.

I suspect if I just took him out of nappies and went in to him as soon as I heard him stirring in the morning, I could have him out of nappies.

Haven't tried lifting, my godson used to do it no problems but another friend found it too distressing as per thumbsckers LO.

Mybe worth a go for a few nights ?

Sam100 Wed 10-Jun-09 22:30:40

Check and see if she is dry when you go to bed - if not then she is not ready as still weeing in her sleep.

If she is dry then is possible she is not weeing until nearly ready to wake up or when she wakes up but just does not know what to do - if she has predictable wake up time then you could get up just before her and if she is still dry, wake her and put her on potty as soon as she wakes up. Had this with dd1 - she would be dry all night but wet in the morning.

MissM Thu 11-Jun-09 07:27:41

Thanks all, this is really helpful. She did wake at 4 the other day (quite unusual for her) and ask for her nappy to be taken off. I took it off and she went back to sleep until 7 and didn't wee until after breakfast, so perhaps she's weeing cos her nappy's there like puffy said. I did wonder that.

Thanks for tip re. Mothercare pad too.

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