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Runs and hides when doing a poo! Any tips/ideas?

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Fruitymama Wed 10-Jun-09 16:23:34

My lovely son was 3 in Feb and has been doing great with potty training but for this last hurdle! I know he can do it, as he has on several occassion but his instinct is to hide and then he tells us he has done it. This is our third child and we are still finding it difficult! I know they get there in the end but getting fed up of cleaning pooy pants!!!

Any suggestions? All gratefully received!

dinkystinky Wed 10-Jun-09 17:54:02

My DS1 (also 3) has shy poos too - he will only poo if we leave him alone with the loo or potty in the bathroom. He asks us to "go away please" and then calls us when he's done his poo - it works for him - and we found this out quite by accident when I had to leave him in the loo on the potty to answer the door and found he'd finally done a poo in the loo rather than in his nighttime nappy. We've incentivised him by promising him an extra story at bedtime (which he loves spinning out as long as possible) if he does a poo in the loo - so is it worth trying that?

Fruitymama Thu 11-Jun-09 22:16:08

Thanks dinkystinky for that. Not thought of that one. Saying that he has asked once or twice to leave him alone. Perhaps I should give him a newspaper and let him get on with it!

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