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Cazza1982 Mon 08-Jun-09 20:45:13

Hello there,
Am new to the board but just wanted to ask a question about prefold nappies. I have been given quite a few and am keen to use reusable nappies but these look awfully scary and I am just trying to teach myself some folds. I am due in 3 weeks so have a bit of time to learn but wondered if anyone had any comments, hints or tips on using prefolds?
Thanks very much and hope someone can help!
Take care xx

redboxer Mon 08-Jun-09 21:02:56

I looked on the Bambino Mio website and they have a few tutorials for different folds.

Hope this helps

BlueChampagne Tue 09-Jun-09 21:36:46

We found we used them with a nippa a bit like a terry when DS was very small. Honestly, once you've done it a few times, you'll wonder how you ever thought it looked complicated!

mybabywakesupsinging Sun 14-Jun-09 01:11:53

I think thenappylady or twinkleontheweb have a guide...we use a fold from there...they work MUCH better if folded and pinned with a nappy nippa than if just used as a pad.
Would also recommend nature baby wraps over prefolds. Ds2 has been wearing his for 2 years now (his bum is shrinking as he runs further and faster...).
If you can't get prefolds to work by themselves buy some "ecobumbles" from easypeasy nappies they were selling them at 5 for £14. They are a shaped outer layer you could stuff with your prefolds and they then fasten much more easily with a nappynippa and have elasticated leg holes...I use them with a large amount Of stuffing as a night nappy; would guess they would fit from maybe 3-4 months onwards.
DO NOT buy the smallest size of wrap as you dc will double in size in weeks.
best wishes...

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