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Little Lamb Bamboo Nappies

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MrsDimples Mon 08-Jun-09 13:20:53


Can anyone tell me if the Little Lamb Bamboo nappies are a true white colour or a slightly creamy colour?

Thanks in advance.

KirstyJC Mon 08-Jun-09 14:04:08

They are a gorgeous creamy beige colour. The little lambs website isn't very clear as some pictures show them white for some reason - but look at the kits here and you will see the proper colour. PS They are excellent nappies and SO FLUFFY I want to wear one....wink

MrsDimples Mon 08-Jun-09 14:09:56

Thanks Kirsty.

I've bought some 'bamboo' ones off ebay, they arrived today & I am convinced they are cotton & not bamboo, but having never held a bamboo one I can't be certain.

These are bright white & have quite a course long pile on them.

Do they sound like cotton or bamboo?

KirstyJC Mon 08-Jun-09 14:18:35

Cotton has a long pile on them and feel rougher. Bamboo has longish pile too though, but they are definitely not white and I wouldn't call them course to touch at all - they are incrediblt fluffy. (Although the company are v. helpful so maybe call them and ask if they ever were white, if you can think of a way around admitting you didn't buy from them!).

The cotton also feel slightly rougher to the touch, although if you haven't got anything to compare them to I realise that's not much help....!

Sounds like you got cotton there MrsD!

MrsDimples Mon 08-Jun-09 14:43:10

I've rung Little Lambs left a message, waiting for them to call back . . . not sure how I'll handle it yet . . . .

There are little 'shreds' of fibre everywhere I just got the nappies out onto . . . like little bits of towel.

Am taking deep breaths & calmly trying to work out what to do next without loosing my 39 week pregnant hormones loose on someone or something.

Thanks for your speedy responses, much appreciated.

purplesal Mon 08-Jun-09 15:14:43

Bamboo tends to have a silkier feel than cotton. And you don't normally get the shreds with bamboo like you get with cotton.

usernametaken Mon 08-Jun-09 17:12:20

My Bamboo Little Lambs are creamy coloured at the moment- I don't hold out much hope of them staying this nice colour for long! lol

KirstyJC Mon 08-Jun-09 19:41:05

One thing I forgot to say - you can buy a sample nappy from Little Lambs for £9.50 plus P+P - you get a wrap with it too so you can use it straight away.

I don't know it you might want to buy a single sample from them (get the bamboo one!!) to try out? You can get a sample of each fabric and they will all come with a wrap. This might be useful if you end up having to buy them new after all!

They do sometimes do free nappy offers (Just pay £1.62 for postage) as well, but it's not on there at the moment.

Good luck (with this and with your new

MrsDimples Mon 15-Jun-09 16:06:29

Thanks for this everyone.

Bamboo nappies from Little Lambs just arrived. Awaiting refund from ebayer that sold incorrect goods.

Very happy with the nappies, looking forward to giving them a wash smile

Baby is 3 days over, hoping she was waiting for her nappies to arrive, so she can grin

thanks again

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