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help !!! please 2.10 dd is removing nappy and playing with poo [yuck gross not for faint hearted or weak of stomach]

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whoopsididitagain Sun 07-Jun-09 22:53:28

my little girl is 2.10 and a full day time toilet trained pant wearing individual who knows to wash her hands etc after each visit to the loo.

she wears pull ups at night as she sleeps heavily and even when i take her to the loo and she's asleep ala' supernanny she still wets around 4 am

but recently she has started removing her nappy and using her potty [which she never used when we got her out of nappies] hmm
which is fine but she doesnt put it back on so i have been going in and doing so before i go to bed.

she is very hardcore and doesnt go to sleep til late most nights and survives on around 8-10 hours of sleep with an hour or so in th day

tonight is the third time i have smelt poo a i've gone to the loo investigated and she is smearing poo over her door and herself having a good old time.

i dont shout or discipline as im not sure what to do for the best i take her to loo clean her up clean the room up explain its not allowed or very healthy she gets upset and says sorry but she is obviously not getting the message

what would you do ????

hope i havent made anyone ill blush

whoopsididitagain Sun 07-Jun-09 23:11:30

any suggestions

ches Mon 08-Jun-09 00:44:54

Is this first thung in the morning? Can she get herself up and poo in the toilet? Can you set your alarm and take her before she does it in the nappy?

whoopsididitagain Mon 08-Jun-09 17:54:25

it was done at 10 30 at night ive never been woken up to be greeted with the poo thing although she has removed her nappy and pooed on the potty before and left it alone

she is very in consistent with what she does no two days are ever the same thats why i'm so exsaperated

whoopsididitagain Mon 08-Jun-09 17:55:15

and to answer you sorry yes she can get to the loo herself in the mornings and quite often does the minute she wakes up

ches Tue 09-Jun-09 03:41:15

Oh my! She should grow out of pooing at night soon. (Surely?) DS fortunately saves it up all day at nursery and does a big one in the toilet before bed. I don't suppose you could get her to sit on the loo before bed maybe with a story and see if she can produce a poo?

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