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3yr 3mth old just not getting it, am actually starting to worry

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thesockmonsterofdoom Sun 07-Jun-09 08:08:04

I seem to have spent the last 6 mionths intermitantly trying to potty train dd2, she ios just not gettin g it or she doesnt care. If I tell her to go to the potty every half hour then she is fine, but she now objects to that, which isnt suprising, but if I leave her to it she never ever gets to the potty, just pootles up to me sand announces I done a wee or a poo.
She has n ever done a poo on the potty or toilet.
She is in motherease training pants atm as the house was actually starting to smell of wee. saves me getting stressed about it from that point.
she does treat them as knickers and uses the potty and asked to be changed the second she has done anything so I dont think that is the problem, she wants to go back into nappies, she asks me most mornings, we have done this so many times but it doesnt move us forward and I refuse to go back this time, it has priobably been about 3 or 4 weeksd.
Will she ever get it, could there be something wrong and if so what?
All you ever hear is wait till their 3 and they'll be really easy to train, dd1 was a nightm are as well but she was a bit younger.
I have tried bribery, sticker charts, praise, ignoring ( a little bit of occasionasl getting cross about it blush) and I no longer know what to do.
Yesterday *I thought maybve I am interferring too much so de3cided to leave her to it. reminded her a few times that she should do wees and poos on the potty and to ask if she needed help, she didnt use them once and we got through all 10 pairs of training pants as well as a further 5 or 6 pairsof knickers.

Sorry just realised how long that is.

toddlerama Sun 07-Jun-09 19:20:52

Sorry, I have no advice as mine are still too young, but bumping for you x

SuperWasher Mon 08-Jun-09 15:04:50

Had a similar situation with dd though she was much younger when she started-22 months. It has taken a year to get her anywhere near toilet trained though, she refused to wear nappies from 22 months and did really well on potty to begin with but kept regressing then went through a stage of a few months where she just wet herself all day. She seems to be getting there we've had weeks of no accidents but then this weekend she had loads again hmm

With dd I have come to the conclusion that she just doesn't care and can't be bothered, no idea where to go from here though.

Silverdall Mon 08-Jun-09 18:35:08

Potty training our toddler, nearly 3, was slow to start with. One day he would be fine then the next he would show no sign of wanting to use the potty. He regressed when our baby girl arrived. I decided to follow a proper sysyem and it seemed to work well, now we only have the occassional accident - which is to be expected. Why not take a look at this page Good luck.

wiffey Mon 08-Jun-09 19:12:31

I am in totally the same situation & was actually just coming on here to post !!!
DD is 3 in July and a few months ago she asked to stop wearing nappies & was virtually dry for ages (ocassional misshap) & then she started pre-school & it has quickly gone down hill from there. Would sometimes remember to tell me needed a wee but poo's are done in hiding under the table, in another room & even in the shed ...
We are now back in training pants as I was swiftly loosing the plot :-(
I have treid everything you can imagine, bribery, stickers, sweets, only babies use nappies, naughty step (yes I can hear lots of you taking a sharp intake of breath) and I'm afraid I have got cross & then cried when DD cried. I have looked on so many web sites I got word blind and I have bought just about every book recommended (believe me I can resite Poo goes back to pooland in my sleep)
Unfortuantley I have no advice to offer but you can be safe in the knowledge that you are not alone.

peasandbeans Mon 08-Jun-09 19:26:36

When dd1 was about that age she was dry during the day, and had also been dry at night, but then started wetting the bed practically every night.

I also tried everything, particularly as by then I was convonced that she could be dry if she wanted to. Nothing worked.

Then a friend of mine suggested to me that I put a nappy on her. Seemed to me to be a pretty bad idea, and that she just wanted to go back to being a baby, which wouldn't get us anywhere.

Anyway, I tried it one night, and after that she was dry every night.

perhaps because she realised that she actually didn't like nappies so she had better make an effort?
or maybe because all along I had been pushing her a bit too much to be dry, even though I thought I was being fairly relaxed about it, and once the pressure was off she could make her own decision?

good luck anyway!!

twoclimbingboys Mon 08-Jun-09 21:00:39

If you are worried about a medical problem maybe it could be worth mentioning it to your health visitor?

Good Luck

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