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Dd potty training, but knickers totally throw her. Advice needed pls

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Plonker Sat 06-Jun-09 22:42:43

Dd has been using the potty in the evening for about 2 months now. We leave her nappy off after bath time and she wee's or poo's on the potty if she needs to.

She is only young, so we have held off from full-blown potty training as such. I don't particularly believe in potty training - I'm more of the give-them-a-potty-and-they'll-do-it-when-their-ready- school of thought. However, with the warm weather (where has that gone btw?!) she has spent a lot of time naked and therefore she has used the potty a lot, so I decided to go for it with her and leave the nappies off.

If she has a bare bum, she is fantastic. She askes for the potty when she needs to go and can hold it no problem until she gets to the potty. We haven't had a single accident *touches wood* all week. However, MIL looked after her for a few hours on Wed, and because dd couldn't slide down the slide properly bare bummed, she put some knickers on her - she did 3 wee's and a poo in her knicks!

So, obviously the knickers really threw her. Is this common?

I can't leave her knickerless forever, lol, how long does it usually take to get her used the fact that she can't pee in her knicks?

She is my third dd, but somehow, she has trained herself differently from my other dd's and has totally thrown me grin

Help appreciated smile

movingintothefuture Sun 07-Jun-09 12:43:31

Ok it will take a while to go from bare bum to nickers fantastic. I suspect you might have a week of accidents min but it will happen. If she has got the idea of potty training then she will have to get used to the idea of the sensation of pants not being the same as nappy. And often that takes several accidents in pants to retrain the brain. The time taken will vary with child.

Manictigger Mon 08-Jun-09 14:45:24

We had exactly this problem for about a week and like you, I was starting to despair. Dd would go do a wee in the potty and tell me afterwards. If she had pants on I'd say, 'tell me if you need a wee and I'll help you get them off' but she just seemed oblivious (on one occasion she even went and sat on the potty with pants on and weed through them). There weren't too many accidents because if I noticed her clutching herself I told her to sit on the potty. I'm sure I overdid the whole 'if you need a poo or a wee, what do you do...' malarkey (even started asking friends if they needed the loo when we were passing ones when out and about blush ) But then all of a sudden something must have clicked and she started either taking the pants off herself or telling me she needed to go.

In the last couple of days she's even started telling me when she needs to go when she's in a pull-up and pyjamas ready for bed (I'm really relieved about that after hearing so many stories about pull-ups being confusing for children) Perhaps they just suddenly start taking notice of the sensations within their body rather than those on the outside IYSWIM?

Good luck, my next challenge is to get dd to sit on a strange toilet when we're out and about!

ilovetochat Mon 08-Jun-09 14:50:34

i kept dd in the house bare for 3 or 4 days till she was pretty reliable and then i showed her her new special pants and told her big girls wear special pants but if they get wet or dirty you cant wear them anymore.
next day asked her if she wanted pants and she said yes. instead of asking her if she needed a wee i just reminded her not to ruin her new special pants and when she had an accident which she obvioulsy did i said oh dear your special pants are wet and she helped me clean up and fetch new pants. after 3 or 4 days she would always ask and really hated wetting her pants. then i finally moved onto trousers/dresses. i stopped in for a week and it was worth it.

plonker Tue 09-Jun-09 23:06:34

Thanks for advice smile

I have been tried dd with knickers for the last two days. Yesterday she totally stunned me by using the potty every time, even though she had her knickers on. Today, she made it til tea time with no accidents and then wee'd in her knickers twice.

She wasn't upset so we just cleaned it up and put a fresh pair on.

Will carry on and see how it goes ...

Wish us luck

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