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DD's decided to start potty training herself, any advice?

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CharCharGabor Sat 06-Jun-09 22:08:31

Totally wasn't prepared for this although I have left the potty lying round for months. DD started using the potty two days ago, early days I know but she's had no accidents today. What I'm wondering is where do we go from here? She's spending the day bare-bottomed, when do I start trying her with knickers. And also what should I do when we go out? I'm prepared for her to go backwards before she goes forwards, she's only 22 months. Thanks

whomovedmychocolate Sat 06-Jun-09 22:31:11

DD went through this and then regressed back to nappies hmm.

But in answer to your question - you take a potty with you and encourage her to use it every 20 minutes when you are out. Pants after seven days in this house. But it's up to you, she will have accidents. But well done to her (and you) for starting it off. We have all but abandoned it until the end of term.

Plonker Sat 06-Jun-09 22:47:55

LOL - I've just posted and should have read your post first!!

I'm in a similar position to you and our dd's sound at similar points. Dd is great when knickerless, but somehow can't 'do' knickers.

I've been leaving her bare-bottomed when out though because she stays dry that way. I've asked for advice on where to go from here too ...

Good luck smile

LionstarBigPants Sat 06-Jun-09 22:49:48

Mine trained at 22 months too, following lots of bare-bum time and using the potty since 10 months. We switched to pants and had a few accidents for a couple of days - not full on wetting though. She was just adjusting to the feel of something on her bum. We started taking trips out to the park to try her out and she was fine. I carried spare clothes and nappies around for quite a while, but she has had very few accidents. She could go up to 2 hours without a pee by that point though.

We always make sure she goes to the loo before we go anywhere, and regularly remind her when out (because loos are not always convenient). Fortunately she was fine with using an adult loo - though needed some support, so we never bothered carrying a potty round. Some people swear by the Pottete portable potty though.

At home she has always been very independent about using the potty, so doesn't need regular reminding. I think we probably did in the early nappy-free days though. Just make sure it's by her choice though, don't put any pressure on, and be prepared for regression. Don't have any punishments or coercion to use the potty or you'll find she'll refuse. It's also pretty common to have a stage of asking for the potty then playing up about sitting on it - just back off and don't turn it into a game.

Good luck - it's lovely to (hopefully) be putting the nappies to one side!

CharCharGabor Sat 06-Jun-09 23:17:41

Thanks for the posts smile She seems to get more annoyed if I offer the potty to her so I've just been leaving it where she is and she uses it when she needs to. Think I'll give her a bit longer bare-bottomed and see how she goes before I try knickers. I'm prepared to go back into nappies if she starts wetting again but I don't want to miss this chance if she's happy to give it a go. Twas nice to not change a nappy today Thanks again and good luck to you too Plonker (and wmmc when you give it another go).

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