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nearly three is he still is not ready for "big Boy pants"?

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mummyemily Sat 06-Jun-09 12:49:40

My son is nearly three and for the last six weeks i have been trying to potty train, i have 3 potties in the house, front room, bathroom and his bedroom, he just doesnt seem to try! i have tried the reward when he uses the potty prompted he gets a button (chocolate) when he goes un prompted he gets a jelly sweet (his favorite) this work wonders for the 2 days and now i am back to him announcing he has "has a wee" this happens even if i ask him moments before if he needs a wee have i left it too late should i have started months ago, everyone i talk to says that only took a matter of a weeks to potty train, he hates wearing a nappy and it causes fights at night i have even told him if he doesnt sit on the potty when asked or wets himself i would put in back in nappies but this has not even work! should i just give up and leave it? this is just when we are home i have taken him out for 2 -3 hours and he stays clean is he just lazy? please any tips would be great i thinking of pullups again! sick of all the changes of clothes

twoclimbingboys Sat 06-Jun-09 15:44:20

I don't know to be honest, it is so hard to know what to do. I have my fingers crossed for you that he takes to it soon.

If you are sick of the changes of clothes - do you think he would be fooled by cloth pull ups? There are some called 'minki yoyos' that are supposed to be excellent. He would still think he was in big boy pants, but if he had an accident there would be no mess on his clothes?

Hopefully, someone with more of a clue about potty training will be along soon with some advice.

billyog Sat 06-Jun-09 21:12:57

don't have any advice just loads of empathy. my ds is 3 next month and we've been potty training since jan. For the first few months we'd accidents galore,never at nursery though. Then he seemed to get it and we had a few weeks of dryness, minimal prompting. now its back to square one. He's having accidents at nursery too now. He normally only has accidents at home when I'm busy with dd2 hmm. when i quize other mums who say their kids are potty trained they still need lots of prompting and there are still accidents. Maybe my expectations are too high. I'm think it can take such a long time.
(trainers drying by the fire as i type)

PacificDogwood Sat 06-Jun-09 21:23:33

DS1 was just under 3 when he successfully made the transition from nappies to pants.

DS2 was just over 3.

(DS3 is too young grin)

Relax. This should be an exciting new skill for him and make you proud - not both of you stressed.
Would it be worthwhile just leaving it for a bit and trying again in a couple of months?
Also, if at all in doubt, get your Gp to check a wee sample to make sure he does not have a bladder infection.

IME, when they are ready to move to pants, they do it easily; when they are not, it is a real struggle and IMO not worth it.

Good luck smile

mummyemily Sun 07-Jun-09 12:36:06

Thanks for all the replies,
I am just at the end of my teather especially todaY! 12PM 2 pairs of trousers, pants socks and shoes already today, then all hell broke out when i said he had to wear a nappy for the rest of the day (i said if he tried to use the potty he could wear his big boy pants tomorrow) and what did he do 10 minutes after having it on - i have a soiled and wet nappy!
I am going to have a nervous breakdown i just feel like giving up!

Didylicious Tue 09-Jun-09 11:41:38

My eldest child potty learned at 2y old, but my 2nd 2 children both potty learned (well - mostly "loo learned" at 3y - one a couple of weeks before her birthday, and the other a week or so after.
I think a top tip would to be relaxed about the whole thing - if they sense you are stressed you are likely to have problems! (you sound stressed!).... DO give up for a few days at least - and start again.
My 3rd child actually told me she was a big girl now and just didn't want to wear a nappy - yes there were a few accidents - but only a few - and if she wanted a nappy on for a bit - I let her!
When there is good weather - spend a lot of time in the garden with minimal clothing and a potty nearby - you don't have to have him naked - but some softly elasticated bottoms that are easy and fast to pull down are a help - I'm sure you've already thought of this mind you!
Everytime you get stressed, count to ten and think of something relaxing (ocean waves against the shore), and give yourself a button - or jelly sweet if you did it spontaneously - when you've calmed down! wink

Seeline Tue 09-Jun-09 11:46:28

My DS was 3.5 when he made the move! I had tried when he was nearly 3 but it was a disaster. The arrival of DD then delayed further attempts. I have to say by that time it was so easy - he was ready (in that he understood what we were aiming to do). However, he was still showing none of the accepted signs of readiness. I think he was just lazy!! It was still a couple more years until we were dry at night though. DD however was trained at 2.4. Don't push it if he's not ready - it's just too stressful for everyone. Leave it and try again in a few months time.

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