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Is this the right place to ask whether 8 mo DD is constipated? :(

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DitaVonCheese Sat 06-Jun-09 00:57:09

DD has been on solids for two months now, poops gradually getting harder but not sure how much she is really eating (BLW). She last did a proper poo on Saturday just gone. She's been a bit out of sorts and whingey all day, though also possibly teething (though we've been saying that for months). Thought she had finally pooed this evening but it was just a single, relatively small, extremely solid lump - not teeny but didn't seem like a week's worth. Is she constipated? Is there anything I can do? She's had quite a few dried apricots over the past couple of days and a couple of dried figs for lunch today and I have been giving her her sippy cup lots, which she loves but not sure how much she's swallowing. She's also still breastfed on demand.

Sorry about the tmi thread blush

Many thanks for any advice.

ches Sat 06-Jun-09 04:21:48

It's quite normal when beginning BLW, or at least when their bodies start to digest the food, for constipation to occur. Stay away from bananas (some can only manage half a banana every other day whereas my DS would eat three in a day and not have any ill effects) and increase the water or fore milk. You could try a bottle of warm tea like rooibos/redbush tea which is caffeine/tannin-free, or something herbal like cammomile if the lump was really hard and you're not sure she's getting much water out of the sippy cup.

DitaVonCheese Sat 06-Jun-09 10:02:01

Thanks for the reply

We've had another hard lump this morning, and prunes for breakfast. Will keep trying to get liquid into her - she's a boob monster, so shouldn't be too hard ...

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