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When to potty train?

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elibet Mon 09-May-05 12:03:53

I'm thinking of potty training at 18 mths but is it too soon? My mum reckons she had me trained at 15mths but I think thats def too soon.

Magscat Mon 09-May-05 19:44:15

We started very slowly at about 18 months. I reckon so long as you take it really slowly - no pressure - then there's no harm in trying. If it seems like a hopeless case or little one seems freaked by it then just give up for a while & pick it up again later.

Ds was reliably day-dry about 3 months after 2nd birthday but using the potty most of the time at home way before that. Only problem we had was he instisted on standing up to wee in it with one of us holding the pot just under his willy.

Are you talking about a boy or girl ?

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