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6 wees in 1 hour, enjoying the novelty or not physically ready

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ABitStretched Wed 03-Jun-09 11:30:33

ds2 is 2yrs 3mos. I had no intention of potty training yet but he's clearly up for it - esp as it gives great excuse for willy touching time (him not me). Left his nappy off this morning. He did 6 wees all in potty, no accidents. But frankly I can't take him out of nappies if he is going to need to pee every 10 mins! They were all a fair quantity too. I know babies go little and often before their bodies learn to store it for a while so is he just not physically ready to go a decent lenght of time between wees or was it just the thrill of seeing me smile that kept him hoping onto the potty. Any advice / experience / volunteers to come keep cleaning out the potty?

craftynclothy Wed 03-Jun-09 11:35:03

Dd went v v frequently the first couple of days but gradually went longer between - by the end of the week we were going out shopping and she'd go twice in the 3-4 hours we were out. Actually I think some of it is the novelty because even now (4 months later!) she'll go more often at home than when we're out. I've also found if we go out, say for a meal, and there's 5 cubicles she will ask for a wee 5 times so she can go in each one (and she does do a wee in each one!)

CaptainKarvol Wed 03-Jun-09 11:38:57

I'd say novelty value too. DS was definately ready when we potty trained, but the first few days was on and off the potty dozens of times a day. Nursery gave stickers for sucessful weeing on potty, and I think he wanted an impressive sticker collection!

ches Thu 04-Jun-09 01:35:11

I agree, novelty. If he can get six in a row on the potty he's clearly ready.

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