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Potty training - out & about - holding it in for ages!!

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ZebsMummy Wed 03-Jun-09 10:39:09


Any advice, started potty training my DS1 3.4 over Easter Hols, and begun really well didn't like the idea of wearing pants and trousers, but now a few weeks in we have progressed to wearing pants and trousers (yay!) and still being near perfect in performing on the potty every time at home - and this is my problem, I can't seem to get him into weeing when we're out & about even going to a friends house the other day and staying as long as 8 hours he managed to hold on till we got home.
I make it as relaxed and stressfree for him as poss, (marshmallows and stars for performing!!) but just lately when we've been out and come home, he's begun to get really stressed about it all - holds himself proclaiming "wee trying to get in" hmmand then just refusing to get on the potty until hes literally having an accident, all the time in tears, I'm really at a loss as to what to do, hate seeing him like it but don't want to revert back to pull ups! any advice warmly welcome.

Lusi Thu 04-Jun-09 01:30:57

Not had the same problem but have noticed that several of the girls (including my DD2) at my mother and baby group seem to like going to the loo together...and apparently it helped one of them who didn't like to poo on the potty change her fact my DD2 wants to use one of the pottys there now rather than perch over the loo - grrrr

(The boys there are younger and not potty trained yet)...

Maybe you could get him to go to the loo with another he can see that it is normal
or maybe take a potty with you and take him to the loo with you - he sits on the potty and you on the loo...but only make him sit there until you have finished.
Wouldn't go back to pull ups - he will wet himself and eventually decide that it isn't very pleasant...
Look at the positive side - you now know he is very good at holding on -so when you are at the supermarket check out and he announces he needs to go - you won't have to leave everything and dash off ..upsetting all the other customers and the cashier blush (speaking from experience with DD1)

ches Thu 04-Jun-09 01:37:28

If my DS didn't want to wee I'd give him a target -- bit of toilet paper, patch of grass, etc. It was all the incentive he needed.

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