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will be tackling potty training after our hol with almost 3 yr old and im petrified. please help!

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mad4myboys Tue 02-Jun-09 21:01:35

we are going away next week and when we get back going to try potty training. ds1 is 3 end of the month. started last summer but everyone kept tellling me he would digress as ds2 was due in the november so i stopped ds2 now 6 months and been/is very poorley but have decided i want to get on with it. So............any tips/hints/advice to make as easy as poss? He has some thomas the tank pants, 2 pottys, 2 toilet seats(up and downstairs) If i change his nappy before bed time i dont put new pull ups on, make him use potty. he can and does use the potty but doesnt tend to go far from the potty and will do wees very often..

we have discussed it and making a sticker chart for him as this worked well for getting rid of dummys with a present at the end...

anything else?

tryingherbest Tue 02-Jun-09 23:18:47


I know I know. Well, if this is any help. My ds who turned three e made it very clear he was still a baby and so needed nappies. So went cold turkey two weekends ago. I'd tried charts etc. not interested so just stuck him in pants. Well, 7 pants and 5 hours later I was going spare but by the evening would go alone.

By day three no accidents but we did keep him at home. Day 5 goes to nursery in pants and it ok but gets muddled in having to ask to go to the potty (at home just goes).

My only issue and I hope an experienced potty trainer comes along is that we took him to gp and took the toilet seat (!) wanted to go but wouldn't use it as in another location. Held it in - tookj him out to dinner and then we managed to get him to go in the loos there but I think he's now constipated!

But honestly my little was saying no no no and within 2 days was saying yes please. I even took him to the park in a nappy and he wouldn't go just held on till we got home.

Go for it.

mad4myboys Wed 03-Jun-09 06:10:21

thanks,. hes just so head strong and stubborn. will just have to get on with it i guess!

tryingherbest Wed 03-Jun-09 20:20:52

Yep, so was mine - he insisted he was a big boys but not for nappies. Bribes and stars were a no no,..

But he's been OK actually - but my litle one has this thing that if he thinks he can't do something he won't do - there's a barrier. So the first day he wasn't happy and begged for nappies the next. But he doesn't know how to put on a nappy so there you go. The first time he did a proper wee in the potty and nothing awful happened to him -he was so happy and it was ok from there on - except this bloody constipation.

Give it your best shot.

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