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Moltex nappies - where to order and are they worth it?

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mrsbabookaloo Tue 02-Jun-09 09:57:48

Getting ready for dd2 in a couple of weeks time.

I used moltex last time with dd1 to ease my guilt about not using re-usables. I liked them better than the "eco friendly" ones from Sainsburys (nature babycare) as I didn't think the nature babycare ones were v comfy or really environmentally friendly.

I used to bulk buy online to make them affordable; first from naturebotts, and then from ethical superstore which sold Jumbo packs more cheaply.

Things have changed since dd1 was in nappies (not that long ago!), and it seems they've changed the nappies, you can't get the jumbo packs anymore, and they're more expensive because of the strong Euro.

My questions are:

What are Bambo nappies like? They're much cheaper.

Sainsbury's have their own brand eco friendly ones now: are they any good?

Has anyone used a website called "Ubershop"? Moltex are really cheap on there (8.89), but I'm suspicious as it's completely unknown to me.

Thanks for any advice, sorry for long post!

ceb80 Tue 02-Jun-09 10:46:29 do Moltex nappies.
I use the sainsburys Little Eco nappies occasionally whn out for long periods or when I haven't done any washing blush and find them okay. Never tried Bambo sorry.

I have used both Bambo and Moltex and found they both perform very well.

It's worth remembering that these nappies are more eco-friendly only because of their greener methods of manufacture and materials used.

There is acommon misconception that these nappies will biodegrade in landfill, sadly this is not true (though Moltex can be composted at home on a large wormery).

Spirit of nature are a good source, though worth buying in bulk as their postage is high.

A friend of mine rates Asda ecos as being cheaper and better than Sainsbo's (own brand, they don't sell Nature Babies any more).

But it depends why you are using them, if it is because you don't want chemicals next to your babies skin, then Moltex, Bambo or Nature Babies (in decending order) are your best choices.

If you are using them to be green, it's a bit of a con really (unless you are prepared to home compost). Like I said they are all going to create landfill which is really disposable nappies greatest crime.

mrsbabookaloo Tue 02-Jun-09 11:29:00

Thanks for your replies.

Yes, I am aware of the landfill issue, and my only excuse is that I potty train early ('s lame I know). But at least not so many chemicals are used in the manufacture.

According to my research, naturebotts are slightly cheaper than spirit of nature, but this weird UberShop is the cheapest...anybody used this website?


Tambajam Tue 02-Jun-09 11:41:49

I used Moltex for 3 years and then they started to bleach them white (with oxygen?!). I didn't need white ones and I found the new design smelt awful. So I moved to Bambo and have no problems with them. I am very happy with them.

When I was buying Moltex I used to get them from naturebotts and their service was excellent. Their sacks were good when needed. Even less point in putting an 'eco' nappy in a plastic bag. I just buy Bambo now from a local shop.

mrsbabookaloo Tue 02-Jun-09 13:00:07

Yes, I never used nappy bags on the basis that they were even worse for the environment than the nappies. Just collected nappies in a carrier bag in nappy bin and put in outside bin when full.

I had noticed that moltex now seem to be white. How completely unneccessary.

Think I will buy a pack of each, moltex, bambo and sainsbos and see how we go.

Still in slight denial that I will have a new baby in two weeks, so feels odd buying nappies, but better not get caught out!

SheherazadetheGoat Tue 02-Jun-09 13:02:10

moltex do not compost - the packaging in compostable.

i did an experimental one.

Moltex can be composted on a wormery if the base area is large enough, I think they suggest 6 foot square, not really practical for most.

You can read all about it on their web site.

tutu100 Tue 02-Jun-09 22:01:04

I once got a trial pack of nappies from so organic here which I found useful. Spirit of nature also do samples of nappies moltex and bambo to help you decide which you would prefer.

tribalbaby Tue 02-Jun-09 23:36:39

I use Moltex and the Naty ones. I like both and compost both too, - they do disappear!

One other thing you can do is empty the wet ones into a bucket (just chop open the top with scissors) and fill with water and pour onto the garden - the crystals help water retention (of course!) and the urea helps fertilise! You could then throw the paper packaging into the bin - for very little bullk going to landfill, and not a stinky messs!Apparently the urea components also speed composting.

Yes, landfills are not suited for composting even eco disposables - but there are other ways.

Good luck on your search for local suppliers.

I also prefer the natural coloured moltex to the white! It's good they plant a tree for each box sold, too.


Pop over to Part Time Nappy Free to discover a bit more about Baby Pottying as a way to gradually reduce your nappy use.

mrsbabookaloo Wed 03-Jun-09 14:17:22

Thanks for this info: I am never going to be as green as you, I fear tribalbaby, but I'll check out your link!

So can you still get the natural coloured ones?

Tambajam Wed 03-Jun-09 19:05:29

Sob. No only the white ones. SUCH a shame. The browner ones had a lovely soft feel and were far superior. I found an old one the other day and sighed nostalgically.

speedymum Thu 04-Jun-09 21:39:28

There is also a brand called Wiona, which are very white (cornstarch outer). I think littlegreenearthlets stock them. A bit pricer, but apparently "very green" - whatever that means....

Worth having a look at anyway

Nonicknamesleft Tue 09-Jun-09 21:14:58

Moltex can theoretically be disposed of in a wormery but the research I did into this found that a wormery's capacity to deal with nappies is completely impractical. I forget how many per 48 hours you could put on one, but basically, it would just about work if you were using one nappy per night and absolutely no more. If anyone knows different I'd be very interested.

Also v disappointed that Moltex felt it necessary to whiten their nappies. Can't be greener, and certainly don't feel as nice.

The Bambo claim to environmental superiority is that the nappies are made from bamboo, not cotton. Apparently this is a far more sustainable crop. Apart from the fact that landfill is such a problem with disposables, the production of cotton is also bad news; Bambo would argue that using bamboo fibre is better than cotton. I think as nappies they work as well as Moltex, although like all white nappies, get that horrible yellow wee-stained look when wet (unlike lovely old brown Moltex).

I use both brands, on different children. Vast collection of cloth nappies gone to waste as they were such a disaster with first child, and principle carer husband won't go there with second. I feel so guilty.

Order them both from Naturebotts. Somewhat expensive delivery but fantastic service.

babyphat Sat 13-Jun-09 10:43:24

apparently Tushies are compostable, you can get themfrom green baby

cutebaby Thu 18-Jun-09 15:37:14

I have been using Moltex nappies since my little one was born - more or less. Did some extensive research and tried a few different brands before deciding that Moltex worked best for us... I have been using a wormery for composting our Moltex and do find that they are fairly bio-degradable - within 3 to 4 weeks depending on how many I compost.

I have been ordering mine online from Ubershop ( for the last 5 months (made some good savings there and the service is good too). I placed my first order over the phone as I didn't know them but they are a fantastic little company with great prices...

tribalbaby Mon 22-Jun-09 03:55:15

that's great ! I really want to do the wormery way. Emptying them is good, but chucking them in a wormery then to be used on the garden nicely processed is great eco-karma!
How big is your wormery? What if the nappies were chopped at a bit? I know worms love papery stuff to eat... Would cutting them up a bit make it easier for them to process? Do you wet them first? so many questions! Perhaps a new thread?


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