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Pretty much toilet trained now but holding it until last minute...

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DS (2.3) has been pretty much dry (days and nights!) for a week now. Still a bit hit and miss with poos, but we're getting there.
However, he seems to have realised that he can hold his wees forever, and especially if he's doing something fun and doesn't want to stop, he will start dancing around and holding his willy just to not leave and to to the toilet. He'll even tell me he needs to wee, but refuse to go to the toilet.

Are there any tips for getting him to go to the loo when he needs to rather than holding it in excessively long? Or will he just grow out of this? Or does it not matter and I'm just worrying unecessarily?

Picante Tue 02-Jun-09 07:52:20

Ds does this as well. I always use bribery! Either that or pretend we're having a race to do a wee. I think some children are camels!

Do you know does it actually matter if he's holding it in? I can only imagine that it's very uncomfortable, but could it also cause any sort of bladder problems? I'm sure he will grow out of it, but I think I might have to resort to bribery at those times when I know he must be desperate!

Picante Tue 02-Jun-09 17:12:16

I don't know tbh. I would imagine anything over 3 hours can't be healthy.

nct73 Fri 05-Jun-09 11:07:46

DD has been potty trained since easter but has recently started having accidents due to holding for too long and then not getting there in time. Just a little bit of wee or poopy skidmarks. She is just "too busy" and novelty of using loo worn off. We have moved onto using toilet which is further to go and now wont go back to using potty. Even if doing the wee dance or trumping, she will not except that she needs to go to the toilet until very very last moment. It's driving us mad.

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