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Night time training 4 and a half year old

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lollystar Mon 01-Jun-09 15:16:58

I've been night training my daughter for coming up to a year now I think. It's been hit and miss for quite a while, then she had a run of 13 dry nights. So, thinking it's finally clicked, I got rid of the night time pants.
Then she was a bit unwell, routine went out of whack a couple of times and we've had wet nights for the past week. I'm limiting drinks after tea, but she's not waking up when she's had an accident. I'm beginning to think she's not ready again and want to get the night time pants back.
I'm 9 weeks pg and am shattered, running out of sheets and bedding as they're constantly in the washer or on the line. H doens't know how to use the washer bless him so he's doing the bed making, but I am exhausted.
What would you do?

RoseOfTheOrient Tue 02-Jun-09 06:24:37

I would put her back in pull-ups at night - and I would teach your husband to use the washer!!!
my DS still sometimes wet the bed even at age 7 so your DD is still quite young.

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