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Any tips on nappy free time for a toddler? She gets so upset when she pees...

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gemmasetters Sat 30-May-09 22:21:10

Hi, looking for any tips -
I have a 17mo baby girl. She has had hideous nappy rash for the last week that I am finally getting under control using Metanium, frequent nappy changes and nappy free time.

I have all laminate floors downstairs which is a god send. But every time dd pees/poops she gets upset, cries, and then slips in it, bangs her head and cries even more. Even if I reach her mid-pee and lift her out the way she still gets upset.

One person has said its a sign she could be potty trained but she isn't showing any other signs, and doesn't seem to know in advance that she needs to go.

I'm not positive but I am guessing it could be linked - she also gets upset when she gets messy. For instance playing outside she hates getting dirt on her hands, and at mealtimes she won't eat really messy food with her fingers. Not long ago she wouldn't touch anything messier than plain bread, but she's improved since then. Its no use blaming me, I am not at all bothered by a bit of mess - on her or me - but I can't quite persuade her to think the same?!

Would love any views, I am just hating all the nappy free time atm; hating seeing my dd getting upset.


tribalbaby Tue 02-Jun-09 23:20:40

Hi Gemma,
yes it can be tricky when your little one is in that common stage of feeling 'ick' about textures - when anything different is yuck to them - be it food textures, dirt or a spot of wee!

What if you used some light training pants? They'll help catch a puddle, yet be in need of frequent changes to keep nappy rash away.

Nappy free time outside? Is that feasible?

It's quite common for toddlers to act like that if they're not used to seeing their own body in action - or does she often have nudey time?

What if you cheered at every wee, to reassure her that it is ok and normal and all that?

What if you offered her a potty break before nappy free time?


P.S You might like to look into some EC principles to guide her to independence gradually. As you are not squeamish about a bit of wee, it is an approach you'd likely find great fun if you have another baby and start straight away!
" Check out Part Time Nappy Free"

gemmasetters Wed 03-Jun-09 20:03:02

Thanks for the reply, good to know what dd is doing is normal! Will look at link..


Rockdoctor Tue 09-Jun-09 14:58:18

Hi Gemma

I used to have a similar problem with nappy rash with my DD (about the same age), I'm pretty sure it was an allergy - after a bit of trial and error, I removed anything containing tomatoes from her diet, and then made sure we changed her the minute she did a poo, and the nappy rash cleared up almost completely. I know this wasn't the original point of your post but just a thought.

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