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Starting again with cloth nappies

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GentlyDoesIt Sat 30-May-09 15:08:39

Having freecycled my massive collection of cotton bottoms DD stopped using 5 years ago, I am now expecting again <happy whoops emoticon>

Things seem to have moved on an awful lot in the nappy world, with DD it was a choice between cotton bottoms, motherese or another one I can't remember because they were crap...

This time it's a boy. What do you guys recommend I start buying? Would like to get second hand stuffers where possible as they save money and are also more absorbant IME. Quite looking forward to buying some nice new wraps though.

Thanks in advance...

Hmmm I'm afraid that despite all the moving on Motherease (airflow or rikka) are still by far the best wraps.

Still have a gander at the following.


Itti Bitti


Close Parent appies/type/5/brand/ella%27s+house Ella's House]]

Would highly recomend all of them (all are stuffable ou AIO bar Ella's).

Happy nappy shopping.


Ella's House


GentlyDoesIt Sat 30-May-09 15:33:58

Thanks WTWTW, will get surfing

Any thoughts about whether a certain type is better for boys than for girls? Cotton bottoms recommended a different type of fold for boys which I always thought looked rather bulky and uncomfortable...

I have one of each and I think if you are using stuffables then it makes no difference, terries or pre-folds do tend to require different fold for each though.

Remember all nappies suit different babies though skinny, chubby etc, so I wouldn't buy too much until baby is here.

twoclimbingboys Sat 30-May-09 21:08:06

Bamboo Sandys (motherease) are fab (slim fitting and silky soft) - they are reduced to £5.40 at treehuggermums at the moment, but I think that discount coud be ending on 31/05/09. I wasn't using cloth when my boys were newbies but loads of people say that sandys are the best for breastfed explosive poo and the extra smalls are a really trim fit on newbies etc. ME airflow wraps are excellent (I really like the savannah eco theme) they are reduced to £6.40 at thm at the moment.

Ittis are so lovely and really compact, but didn't suit Blake's shape at all so he had builders bum and poop leaks out of the leg. You can buy extra sets of inserts and re-use the shells so they aren't as expensive as they first seem.

I love Upsy Daisy nappies too - I have their Soy fitteds, night nappies, fleece wraps and minkee wraps and they are all really excellent. They have 10% off at the moment.

You can shop for secondhand nappies at ukparentslounge and clothnappytree.

GentlyDoesIt Sat 30-May-09 23:07:00

ooh good links twoclimbingboys, thank you!

WTWTW you are quite right, probably best to wait until he arrives before buying too much of anything so we can check out what shape & girth he is. Will probably do disposables for the first fortnight anyway.

We finally gave up on cloths when DD was about 20 months as she was such a bum shuffler that you could easily spot her favourite routes through the house and I felt it was too late in our cloth nappy career to go out and buy a whole new range/style that could cope with being burned along the floor on one leg hole... also she was in a Pavlik for her first few months so certain styles of nappy wouldn't have worked anyway.

Thank goodness I didn't buy one of those massive all-singing, dancing birth to potty packs - best to buy as you (they?!) go, eh!

Octothechildherder Sun 31-May-09 11:16:13

You could get a Lollipop Advisor to pop round once you have the baby and see what kind of nappies would suit him - many Lollipop advisors also have trial kits or access to county kits which you can try before you buy.

You can request a demo at or follow the link in the classified section.

Personally - having 3 boys who have been heavy wetters I would recommend bamboo nappies and maybe a few fleece ones which dry quicker. The TotsBots Easyfit, Close Parent Pop-in, Lollipop Bamboo and the new Pop n Gro. The Pop n Gro would be quick drying when little and then add in the bamboo booster as he starts wetting heavier.

HTH smile

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