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Tie-on cotton or wool nappies and Isme Vismes - any good for a newborn?

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charleypops Sat 07-May-05 19:31:32

Does anyone have any experience of tie-on nappies such as these by Disana or these cotton ones by Schmidt at the natural clothing company ?

What did you think?

Which boosters/wrap would you recommend?

I was thinking they might be good for a newborn because they look as if they would fit quite snuggly.

Also any one used Isme Vismes? How would you say they are for newborns?

Thank you

charleypops Sun 08-May-05 16:51:03

Anyone round today?

Cooperoo Sun 08-May-05 17:14:43

Hi Charley how are you?
I think the tie ons are a faff to do up and not very absorbant however....the absorbancy is not an issue with a newborn admittedly as you have to change them so often. I have heard some people cut off the ties and use a nippa to do them up but don't know how well this works. They are a good price too and look very adjustable so good for a newborn. I like hemp boosters as they are slimmer than cotton ones. If you get them make sure to follow the advice about washing in a net as I would hate for you to have probs with that new washing machine .

charleypops Sun 08-May-05 17:29:58

Aaargh - don't mention the wm words until it's in and working away tomorrow! I can't quite believe that it's going to happen after the fiasco we've had it this past month

Would a pillowcase do until I find a suitable net? Or would the poo be trapped in it? I have not idea where I would go for a net.

Cooperoo Sun 08-May-05 17:34:49

I have two nappy nets and they are the best thing ever as you can just pick the whole thing out of the bucket and plonk it in the washing machine. One to use and one in the wash. I got Bambino Mio ones from a shop (Paul Stride in Acomb, York) but nearly all the nappy sites sell them. Sometimes they are called nappy meshes. I don't think a pillowcase would allow the nappy to rinse properly. I leave my nets open but they have a toggle to do up and would work well in this case. HTH and hope all OK with machine tomorrow

charleypops Sun 08-May-05 17:43:51

oo they sound good - I've put a couple on my shopping list. I have a festering mountain of washing upstairs - I'm sure it's going to spontaneously combust if I don't clean it soon

Maisiemog Mon 09-May-05 22:43:32

Hi Charleypops, I have both the disanas and the imse vimses. The tie ons are fine once you get the hang, and they are great with a prefold or padfolded terry at night when your baby is older. I think the strings might be tricky when the baby is 7months plus and starts flipping over and so on.
The imse vimses I hated. They have absolutely no containment for bf poo and there is no way of securing them (unless you buy the terry version - then you can use a nappy nippa). You have to kind of hold them shut with one hand whilst attempting to secure the wrap. I have just given up on mine.

charleypops Mon 09-May-05 22:48:36


Would you say disanas are better than flat terrries or muslins for a baby up to 6 months old? Do you think they need a booster for daytime bf poo?

mcmudda Mon 09-May-05 22:50:57

aha -so the due in juneies are all converts to cloth - just what I like to see

no experience of disana or imse vimse sorry but they do seem to have a lot of fans.

hub2dee Mon 09-May-05 22:58:01

Hiya cp... glad many in your antenatal thread will be giving cloth a try. BTW, although the convo went off one one, with giraffeski and I just chatting, there was good info on using prefolds in the thread I started last week. If you didn't fancy the expense of fitted, and you were happy to invest in decent wraps, they might be something to consider. (They're about $25 for 12 in the States or about £12 for 6 here)...

Hope you're well, and that the buggy has found a nice 'waiting spot' ! Which Global dropside did you go for ? Crib or Cot ?

charleypops Mon 09-May-05 23:14:44

Hi McMudda - not seen you round these parts for ages! What will you be using on McNewborn?

Hi Hub! I've ruled pre-folds out (phew!) I would be interested in your Chinese ones though, but they sound impossible to get over here. I must say, I'm quite taken with the idea of terry squares/muslins while he's tiny - I can just see them gleaming and wafting away in the sunshine on the washing line. Aw!

My buggy is so in the way next to the bureau in the dining room. We don't have any storage space (left) OMG - I can't believe Chicolina is on The Farm - oops sorry - having to watch it because my daft friend is in the audience - anyway, yes it's totally in the way, as is my Matrix car seat because we need to give our doggy cars a thorough valeting before installing it, and not sure which car to put it in yet...

Ordered the Bedside Cot today, apparently will be here tomorrow or day after - no mattress though - haven't quite researched that one enough. Might have a look at the coco fibre filled ones????? Which mattress are you going for?

Washing machine is here btw - done 3 MASSIVE loads! I can't believe how much you can get in a 6kg drum - I had to keep grabbing more stuff to shove in it until it told me it was full!

Which sling are you getting? I think I'm getting the Maya...

charleypops Mon 09-May-05 23:16:33

OMG - my mate just tried to grab Lionel Blair and then almost fell over!

hub2dee Mon 09-May-05 23:26:27

The US Chinese ones are pretty similar to the Nappy Lady prefolds I think... possibly the fabric is slightly different (discussed on my thread)...

When you say 'Bedside Cot' you mean dropside cot - ie. NOT the little tiny crib, right ? I'm still undecided between the two... but loads of people co-sleep and we can probably borrow a Moses Basket... so we'll probably get the cot but space will be v. tight in the bedroom !!!

John Lewis has nice mattresses. We're not going for the coconut though... not sure about all that absorbant organic fibre... there's one slightly cheaper but sprung. I guess we'll get that.

I thought your lounge might be rather full ! Do post /e-mail about any nesting craziness which I might funny !

So happy your washing machine is the bizz !

I haven't got seriously back into sling mode yet... waiting for you, cp !!!!

charleypops Mon 09-May-05 23:34:29

Yes, the cot rather than the crib. We're short on space in the bedroom too, but I thought that before we know it, he'll need a cot anyway, so we've moved the bed over a few inches to give us a bit more space. If I wasn't so tight, I'd've bought the Bedside Crib too, but then I imagine he'd've grown out of it before I was ready for him to go into a room of his own, so we'd've had to have put the cot in there anywhere, if this makes sense.

So you're going for a sprung mattress then hmmm.....??

I'll keep you updated on the sling thing

hub2dee Mon 09-May-05 23:46:48

Dw reminds me that in John Lewis the sales lady explained some kids had had allergic reactions over their body to the mattress, and that she thought it was probably due to the coconut fibre... now, she might have been wrong, or it might have been something else in the mattress / room / clothes / washing powder, and it might not be the fibre per say but bugs / mites living on it.... I don't know, but the one she recommended was a bit cheaper so it gets my vote I think. (£65 as opposed to £75 IIRC in cot size)

Maisiemog Tue 10-May-05 01:23:21

Hi Hub! Charleypops, I have only really used the tie on nappy as a holder for a prefold, so I wouldn't like to say how well they work unboosted, but I would guess not for long, maybe for a month or two at most, they are quite thin.
I would just buy a couple if I were you - they only cost about 1.50 or something. They look very cute on, shame you have to cover them up.
Muslins I would say, they are what most people recommend for newborns. I think they would make gorgeous little nappies, especially those patterned ones. I think I might get a few for next time.
these are nice and reasonable
Some good deals on the happy nappy days nappies too.

vkone Tue 10-May-05 08:09:49

Hi there,
Have you considered Koala nappies, they look abit like IV but by Popolini. I'm getting one to try (tho on an older baby) as they look easy for traveling/packing and are cheap! Let you know how I fare.


hub2dee Tue 10-May-05 08:46:29

vkone, googling your suggestion I came across some really good advice / detailed reviews of different nappies etc.:

On Elvika Nappies - cp you should have a read. Excellent text descriptions of the different systems (I'm reading Terries, pre-folds etc. at the mo and there is personal experience as well as sales spiel... v. impressed).

charleypops Tue 10-May-05 13:14:31

Hi Hub - sorry fell asleep last night! I'll try to get to JL this week to give the sales staff another grilling about mattresses then! D'you know, I've been trying to figure out what IIRC means since joining this forum in October. I must be really stoopid, because I just can't - unless it's "if I recall"??? which just occured to me...?

Thanks vkone - I think I have seen them on Ebay just recently - I'll have a look, thanks!

Thanks for that muslin link Maismog - they're so cute! They're a bit bigger than the average too, and not a bad price so I'll be getting some of those! I guess regarding the tie ons, I won't be going out of my way to track some down, but if I come across a couple I'll get them to try out seeing as they're so cheap!

Thanks for the Elvika link Hub - I've got to go now to see the consultant, so I'll have a good look at that when I get back.

Cot's just arrived btw in a rather intimidating looking flat pack box ...

Maisiemog Tue 10-May-05 14:49:35

Don't worry about it Charley, ds slept on a flat pack box because we didn't have time to put up the cot.
They end up in bed with you anyway.

lunavix Tue 10-May-05 14:51:14

I have a terry imse vimse that i've never used. It's similar to other shaped nappies but my tots and bumbles seem far superior!

Maisiemog Tue 10-May-05 15:03:28

I just got this nappy. It's made of the softest, cream, short pile terry, a bit like sherpa, but more flexible. A woman on UKParents is selling them new for £6 inc P&P.It is gorgeous and ethically prduced in Egypt.

misdee Tue 10-May-05 15:05:21

which one?

Maisiemog Tue 10-May-05 15:14:20


Maisiemog Tue 10-May-05 15:16:18

Oh duh! I just tried the thread I see what you mean. It's the under the nile nappy.

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